“You laid” – tale *19*

Next to me, and you was looking at me, thinking to all those new things that we had seen
We were  went down on street to face up that group of bullies, but, already, we had faced up them without faced up them: it was a craziness, just to think of it, but on balance, it was like this, that it went it.
You have caressed my face, sighing my name, and the only thing to which you was thinking it was that bald creature with those big eyes who agitated his hands in air, as if, it was his only reason to live was that one to agitate them, issuing guttural sounds, and to wander without a destination in that neighborhood, by now became a new world, even for us.

A new world merged with two different dimensions: your with your fantastic creatures born from your mind when your grandma was played with you, and you was tell her which kind of creature was that one branch on the ground, and that one mine, where i was the Queen of the most beautiful creatures you had seen.
A world in a stranger land, where who was meet us, was transformate itself, on base on which kind of life it had done till now, and now, you was thinking to the transformation of that leader of that group, what he have would understand from that sudden changing: maybe nothing, or perhaps, he have would tried the fear, that he was spreaded in that quite neighborhood. 

That night, you have would not able to close the eyes, even because, you wanted to keep watch over on my sleep: it has been a night full of emotions, and that transformation has been so intense, that it had sucked part of my deep self: i fallen asleep immediately after that you have taken me in your arms. 

In your mind, you was examing one by one, the creatures that we had met; from that very first creature which we were about to clash: that sort of biker leather black dressed, that on contrary, from his imponent big size and measure, he’s been so gentle toward us: now, with a clearest mind, you was focusing on his form, but above all, on what who he could look like, but maybe it wasn’t enter in any category, to define what it was: it was just a giant grey mass, who gently has saluted us, in his deafening walk.

Then you have turned round your glance toward me: i was still sleeping, and i was hoding your hand, and you, sweetly, have caressed it, and in those seconds i tightened it more, and in that unconscious move, you have remember, that small FairyWitch, who has stopped you, asking where you have would take me to. 
It seemed that was the very first time that she was speak: furthmore it seemed, she had exceeded a thin line. 

For what you had learnt from my FairyWitch form, i couldn’t speak: i could made it just through the glances, but that small fairywitch had done it, to get informations. 
Getting back to looking at me: “So, you are not important only to me…” you sighed.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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