I’m feeling

You stronger in these days, as if you want to protect me form the evilness of the world. 

I feel your embrace, and you sweet words are filling my soul, and my soft punch in the stomach is here, and slowly is grow up, while you are wrapping me in your arms from behind, while you turning me round, and your glance meeting mine, and i start to shake. 
You pulling me toward you.
You tranquilize me with your sweet voice. 
“Take me to Our Parallel World” i say, while you are caress my face.
“Close the eyes” while your lips caress mine, while your tongue delicately touch mine.

A tear fall from my face. 
I feel your closeness such strong that it thrill me.
My head is exploding, and i know you can feel small eletric shock, cause i’m feeling your, in our own way, we are communicating, and it’s the most beautiful way to share our sensations: an our own way.

I can feel you strong: my throat is drying, and i have difficulties to swallow.
We are in the middle of our twirl, and delicately i feel your arms tight my hips stronger, then your sweet voice: everything around is vanished, and we exist only us.

Me in your arms, and your perfume envelope my senses, and what we are looking at is a double number. 
You are tightening me more, whispering my name: i hold back the breathe, for then throw it away.
I tight your arms against my belly.

Let’s remain so, in silence.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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