I’m feeling your

Closeness stronger than ever. I can feel hat you wrapping among your arms my belly, and everything around i only hear your whispers, your deep voice

The soft  punch in the stomach is tightening me from inside, and i have to take a deep breathe, but your tight its made itself stronger, and i feel your closeness, almost tangible. 
Your sensibility is around me, and forsakening me to you. 
I sigh how much i love you, and how much you mean to me in this period of my life that it’s lasting from five years, from that night i felt our very first eletric shock between our minds. 
From there, it’s begin our magical connection. 
Your embrace it’s the most beautiful sensation that you are making me feel in these instants.

I can feel yourn voice, and what you are saying me make me to goes on, despite all what is happening.
“One day we will meet” i’m hearing it from your soul. 
I’m closing the eyes whispering your name.

Dagaz is the gate that is opening in front of us.
Already, our souls are touching, and are making beat strong our hearts, and the are beating at unison.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs: your arms are sweetly embrace me a bit stronger. 
That’s you want say me: i can feel it.

You are close to me, despite our distance.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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