“We were” – tale *15*

Astonished, for what we had in front, and we didn’t knew, if all this, were already the changes, that unconsciously we were accomplishing.
However, the creature who has passed in front of us, seemed much harmless, despite his big size, and his black leather clothing, and his biker hat. 

After  this first impact, we have looked at us around, and beyond other creatures of different size, and measures, we have make our first steps in this new dimension, and what we were looking at, was a dimension made by a floating atmosphere, and creatures of a such beauty that we missed the breathe: in our walk, we have met some similar creature to my FairyWitch, and i was looking at them, asking myself many questions, but i had wouldn’t be able to formulate, not even half.
You was looking at me, with that glance that was speaking itself: you was looking at my curiosity, while another creature like my FairyWitch has passed in front of us.

I held back the breathe, for then throw it away sweetly from the lungs, while i tightened the hand that i was keeping.
We were in a wonderful world, made by FairyWitches, and another creatures, and more we went on, more we were thinking one thing, and when we were looked at each other, already, we knew that it was the same.

We were, already, making some little changing, since when we have met, and when together, we had discovered my real nature, we have unleash, little by little, that magic around, not only inside those four walls, but even outside.
“And when i have taken you, and when we flew up to the sky…” i have left that sentence like this.
There was no need to continue, because you knew that i had right. 

That kiss, that beam of light that had taken your sadness, had done the rest, transforming the world that we knew, in which one that we were looking at.
Slowly we had crossed all the sidewalk, to reach that bench in front of that bar.
With apparently calm, we sat on it, and we remained to looking the different nature of those creatures, but at certain point, i had jolt: i had recognized the leader of the bullies wander in the middle of the street disoriented.
Looking at him better, he had something strange that slowly we were comprehending better later.

His aspect was slowly changing in one of those creatures: his bald head with a blond fuzz, was getting bigger, and his somatic tracts were slowly changing in something that it could looking a in a pinkish pig, and now that scary look was vanishing from his wrinkled face, and his brutal ways of doing were becoming sweeter, even if, they were minimally.

For a minunte we looked at each other, and then we have stared our hands, and delicately you have tightened mine.
Without having faced him, we were attending to the changing we had hoped.
Your hand has tightened more mine.”


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