“After” – tale *14*

A long moment of silence, we looked at  each other, and what we have thought has been the same, but it has came out first from your mouth.
When you have whispered it, i had a jolt, and i slowly nodded. 

Without have agreed nothing, we knew that, from now on, i would have passed the life next to you, and everything it would happened, you would have defend me and protect.
So, what we had in mind, it was simple, but even dangerous.
“In average, how many they are?” you asked, pulling me toward you: i have left you do, with the heart in throat.
You was taking me among your arms, to went down.
I was emotionally confused: you had taken me with such ease, that i was remained speechless, but i knew you was waiting for an awswer behalf me, so without making you notice my wonder, i replied, clearing my voice.
“The last time they were four or five, but if you neutralize the leader it’s done: it’s from him that arrive the orders”.

We talked about of the group of bullies that, sometimes, were enter in our neighborhood, spreading fear everywhere, but surely we didn’t know, if that evening they would be passed, and sincerely we hoped to don’t meet them, but we had to attempt: the masculine voice was like an echo in our heads, and more we were thinking about it, more we were conviced that our meeting on that bench, was arrived just in time for restabilish a sort of universal equilibruim.
Therefore, after have reasoning on all that, we have decided to go out, and try the good or bad luck.
It was, even a good oppoturnity to meet again those people, who each night were accompanied me to the gate of the building, next to the bar where they worked, and let them know i was ok, and i was not disappeared, but only, i had met maybe the most important person of my life.

I was thinking about all that, when you have taken my hand, asking: “Are you sure?”  i just nodded.
That evening, seemed one of the darkest: even the only street lamp with his reddish yellow light, at end of the alley from we were coming, had some difficulties to iluminate that one small space that had around.

When we have crossed the gate, it seemed to enter in another dimension: we had forgot how it was outside, as much great were the emotions of what which we had discovered, staying in your apartment.
Slowly we have started to walk, and was breathing something  strange, and as soon came out from that alley,  we remained speechless. 
I stopped myself, and i wasn’t able to make another step, as much i surprised for what i was looking at, and you was looking for understand what was happened.

We were entered for real in another dimension: a fantastic dimension. 
As much we remained breathless, you have had difficulties, even to put a simple question, but at end in a gasp you asked: “Where are we?”, while a massive black dressed creature, was pass in front of us, taking off his hat from the head to salute us.”


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