“I could see” – tale *13*

In that glance toward down,just one question that, slowly you was formulating in a low voice: “So, will us, to create a new world…?” and that sentence was remained in suspended as long your your eyes met mine, and in my  widee yes, you have found the  answer that a simple “yes” or “not” could give, and together, we got back to stare the oval crystal that i had in hand yet.
After stared the little magic stone, we have realizing that, at the same instant, we held back the breath, and really slow, we have throw it away, as if, ther new air we had as soon inhaled, was the very first step, that we had to do together. 

The sentence that we had heard from the masculine voice, was hammering in our head, now that, we had comprehended what he had said us. 
Now that i had met again the person who had made me understand that he have would exceeded the human limits, and he would have went beyond, and i slowly, was understanding who really i was, something of concrete, it was formating itself under our eyes.

Now that oval crystal was the most important thing we had, and each time we looked at it, we knew that from there, our world would be born.
I had it in hand yet: you got up, and you have said “I get back”, and you went down, but just after few minutes later, you returned with something in hand: it was as much small like the crystal, and when you came next to me i have seen what it was: a carved wooden box. It was very beautiful, and when you have taken the crystal from my hand, you have said sighing, as if the crystal itself haven’t to hear to what you was about to say.
“I think this small box, it’s perfect: as long as we will doesn’t know how we can move, it’s better that it is in safe here”, and when i have left it in your safe hand, another soft breath of both has enveloped the crystal, while the small box went closing.
When we have closed it we looked at each other, with just one question in head, and the only who have had the courage to formulate it has been me, and with a fleeble voice i asked: “And now?” throwing away again all the air from my body. 

We didn’t know how face up all the risk that  could entail, maybe we had to start from the little things: small things that, however they have would change in better, in part our lives, and the life of who we had around till the day you had spent the whole afternoon sat next to me on that bench, without know that those hours would been the most important of our lives.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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