“In that embrace” – tale *12*

You could have hear all my fragility of that moment, and something that was growing inside you: the awareness that you was entering in a magical world next to a girl who only few hours ago had discovered to be a FairyWitch.

We were remained in silence just for a bit: the up and down of your chest getting calm me, and my light was merging with our beings, and slowly the essence of the FairyWitch was embracing us, and like in a fairytale, i’ve begun to tell you what i had remembered, while you was sleeping, and more i went on, more in those words put in row that thin logical thread was taking form, and was surround.

We were staring that tiny oval crystal in my palm, and when you was hold the breathe, everything around, was assume a new meaning, and other eletric shock crossing our mind, going to fill the crystal.
We were surrounded by those little lights games, that magical gold dust, and if we closing the eyes, we have could feel even the soft white veil that was caressing our skin, and in my own way, i knew i was me that was creating all that: you was just the only audience of that magical show.
In my own way, i knew that i had to let me go, and everything it would be come without effort.

You have settled on the backrest of bed, with me leaned on your chest, and you was embracing me from behind, listening to my words, and at each new emotion i was making you feel with my tale, your tight was becoming delicately tighter, and that crystal was illuminating itself always more.

I had told you about that same voice: had said me about the human limits, and of when i saw you, i had found that one person in you, but from that day you was disappeared, and for a long year i have waited for you, sat on that bench. 
For a second, then, i closed the eyes, as if, i was empty of a great weight, and after, i heard you make a great sigh, you have whispered my name, and i turned round, and just when our glances met again, the light into your eyes, has left me breathless, and from your lips has came out another whisper.

Unconsciously, i knew that i was me that, i had to get prepare you to enter in this new dimension, and i was doing that in the only way that i knew: talking about what i could remember on those sensation that have felt when i saw you in the street for the first time.

Pulling out everything through those words, i wasn’t not just getting preparing you, but even me. 
Feelling again, all those hid sensations, i was entering once again, in a world that i didn’t wanted admit not even to myself, but now i was staring it in that oval crystal, and only with you next to me, i was realizing of that world, that magical world, was make part of me since i was born, and maybe just in those seconds i had opened the mind to my deepest self, and some tiny glimmer was coming out of when The FairyWitch has begun to be part of my being: but maybe in that instants wasn’t important.

I was look at you, and in those eyes i was watching something that, little by little was taking form in your awareness, and without say nothing, you was slowly making me understand, only staring that tiny oval crystal with all those lights inside, that there was a magical world, and we were the makers, and that sentence that we had heard, now had a sense.

Slowly, another eletric shock has crossed our minds, and sweetly you have whispered my name, and our lips touched.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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