“You hadn’t” – tale *11*

Still  answered to my question, maybe, you was stiil reasoning on what i had as soon told you, but i really wanted to know how did you feel: if you could hear some changes or it was like before, and what i’ve done, has been useless.

I was looking at straight into your eyes, and the only thing that we could hear were only our breathes that slowly, were merging one in another, and delicately  that gold soft light that surrounding the FairyWitch, was began to surround us.

Just when we were realized it, you held back the breathe, for then throw it from the nostrils, and after an endless second, we looked at each other, and a long eletric shock has crossed our beings, going through our stomach, making us feel bonded  through a primordial thread.

I hadn’t need of some answers on behalf you. 
The answer was in that long eletric shock we both had felt going through our bodies: long, and persistent.
“What do you have done?” you asked.
“Really, i don’t know, but i was feel that i had to do something, and i didn’t know if i was doing the right thing, but when i taken you among my arms, that ray beam, has conducted me till up there. When i kissed you, i have could felt like a twirl of sensations that were enveloped me, but when i threw away from the lungs, that grey air i held back is splashed out from my mouth, and something above us, has swallowed it.” i said, and after, a lump has grown in my throat, and everything i have could did has been to looking at you straight in your eyes. 

Slowly that long eletric shock has wrapped once again our beings it has moved us as much that, a couple of tears fallen from our faces, and they were fallen on mattress, going to stop inside a recess of the blanket, with astonish we were attending to something amazing: instead to be drying n the blanket, our two tears were getting unifom themselves, and little by little has became an unique oval crystal.

We looked at each other speechless: with all the maximum cure, i taken it, but my hand was shaking, therefore you have taken it, and delicately you have closed the fist, then in a sigh you have said: “Take a deep breathe… look at me”.
In my mind were turning around thounsand of thoughts, but at that moment, none of  them with a valid answer.
I wasn’t able to lift my glance toward you, everything was fallen on my shoulders, like big stone, and only what i was feeling, was the lightness inside me of when i was transformed me in FairyWitch, and her light was surrounding everything.

After a bit of courage, i met your glance, and in my head, all this was taking a logical form, but i hadn’t break that moment, between the fear, the illogical and those emotions, that i was looking for to hold. 
I had that tear of crystal in my hand yet, and only in that instants, little by little you was opening your fist with my hand inside, and just when we have looked at the crystal together, another great eletric shock has crossed our minds, and at end has illuminated the crystal entering inside of it.

Only when we both held back the breathe, and immediately after, throw it away, we have looked at each other, and slowly, my turquoise light had enveloping the ambient, we heard a masculine voice from far that has said: “Now, you are ready to accomplish the next step”.

I had wide eyes, not because i scared, but only because, in that voice i had recognized that voice who, time ago, had said me about the human limits, and now, you even, was listening to it.

“Embrace me”, i said. 
You was astonished for everything: slowly you have opened the arms, and i dived in your chest. 
“What is happening?” you have sighed, leaving me kiss your lips. 
In those instants i had need to feel you so.
My heart was going crazy.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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