It’s from

Tonight, from i started to write my latest piece that i’m inside a spiral of great emotions that i’m not able to hold.
Those eletric shocks i felt, are still enveloping my being: the lump in the throat is chok me, and my head is exploding. 
Then when you arrived saying me what i already knew, i shyly smiled, and it made me alot tenderness.
And after, tha visualization, has closed me the heart for a long instant.

Each eletric shock i described in the tale, it’s because in that moment i was feeling them: then our soft punch in stomach has grown up always more, and it didn’t has left me: it continues now yet. 
I have to throw away the air i have in body.

Our connection, despite our damned distance is becoming stronger each day is pass. 
I’m feeling it, and i’m sure, you even are feeling it.
They were days that this magical bond, didn’t make me feel like this.
I try to stay calm, but inside there is a storm of emotions that upheaveling all my being.
Maybe, they are one of the strongest sensation i have ever felt, since when it’s begun this connection.
Tonight was a continuos of eletric shocks, and then that one….. isn’t possible that is only one coincidence, but by now, you know, i do believe in concidence no longer with you.
This is magic.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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