“I was” – tale *10*

Next to you, and you seemed peaceful: you seemed, even that you have didn’t realized what was happened just few minutes ago.
You was sleeping peaceful. 

I didn’t knew if what i had done it was what i had to do, but in my deep self, i knew it was i had to do it in that instant.
The morning after, only looking at your glance, i would have understand it.

I haven’t closed the eyes that night, and more the hours went on, more your question was hammering me. 
From when we had made love, from when you have made feel that short but intense sensation, i didn’t knew to be a magical creature for real.
But just when i was looking at you slowly, everything got back in mind.

Some evenings, when i got back in my room, when i went to sleep, i was feeling some changes inside me, but i always thought it was because of tiredness, and nothing that regarding my floating form.
Just one night in my sleep i heard once again that voice who had talked about the human limits, and it say me i was a fairywitch.
The next day i woke with those words in head yet, and when i went down, some questioning glances were set on me, but they didn’t have asked me nothing: i knew, that i was looked in strange way in that part of the neighborhood, and they had named me witch, but that day, that nickname was turning more often than other days, and was murmuring itself something about a strange light that was came out from the window of my room, and that sentence in my head was resounding like a bell in my head endless, and that sound was the sound of my awareness, that slowly was wakening itself, and on that bench it was the very first time that, i had confessed who i was really to someone.

Now, with you next to me, i was realizing all those events, and i was putting them together, and that sentence about the human limits got back in mind, as soon you turned around toward me: delicately i have moved away some hair strands from your face, and i have caressed your cheeck, and i was hypnotized by that tiny brownish dot under the left eye.
Inside that skin imperfection, in that instant i have could see something magic.

Slowly, after few seconds, you have opened the eyes, and you have smiled me: sweetly, i laid on mattress next to you.
For a couple minutes we haven’t say nothing: we were dived in the eyes of who we had in front.
I was dived in those two blue small oceans, and i wanted understand if, that small shadow inside your soul, was vanished. 

Everything was stand, but the only two things that were chasing each other, were our hearts, and only when you have said: “I made a strange dream: i flew up to the borderline of the sky, and there i have met you. We kissed us”, my heart stopped, and for thousandth of a second i looked at you straight into the eyes, then i taken your hand, and i kissed it.
“It hasn’t been dream: we flew together till there… how do you feel?”  I was looked at you, examining each small shade of your glance. 

You was astonished, while i was able to creativing again that small atmosphere around, and that one FairyWitch was being born again below your glance and in that kiss, you have could see everything i threw away from your deep self, getting back immediately after the girl with who you was talking to.”


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