Even this

Afternoon, i’m feeling your embrace, and everything is slowly turning around. 
I feel your closeness more than before. A warmth is heating me from inside, and our eletric shocks are crossing our mind. I’m feeling your, and i hope you can feel mine. 

Everything wrapped by our soft punch in stomach that slowly is growing till to reach our heads, and it’s there that our connection develope itself, making dry the throat, and our difficulties to swallow it’s  glaring.
Something is happening between our souls.
If i close the eyes i can feel perfume around me, and your hand is caressing delicately my belly at confirmation to what you have whispered me yesterday.

At only thought of that sentence, i can only blush.
Your perfume is surrounding me, and here its another sweet eletric shock.
Slowly we are communicating.
Tell me something: i’m shaking.
Embrace me sweetly, and please repeat me those four words put in row: make me remain speechless yet.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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