“After a long” – tale *9*

Minute in silence, i softly repeated my demand: “Please tell me about your friend”.
Your embrace has became stronger, and after a long breath, our glances met, and immediately after you seemed lost in your remember, and slowly, like enchanted by something you have started to tell me a story of friendship, maybe the most beautiful one among two guys.

One was the keeper of the secrets of the other, but your face has became darker, when you was about to tell me the sad side the reason because he was on a wheelchair.

You held back the breathe, then you have stared at me straight into the eyes, as if, this you had never told to anyone:
“That morning to the guide of that damned motocycle, it wasn’t him, as everybody have believed, but it was me. It has been my guilty, not his… It has been my guilty…”.

You have left in suspended the whole story, and i have could imagine the continuous, and i didn’t want to know more, but you have  wanted to finish: “Maybe that day that you have seen, has been the latest hours that we have passed together: it has been the most intense day of my life, but even the most sad. The day after, him and his family moved away, and i wanted moving me far from this neighborhood. But after a long time, i have decided to get back: i wanted to, i was annoyed by the people i had around, so i got back, and i found this apartment”.

You seemed a swollen river: you seemed you had in head those thoughts from long time, and they were looking for an escape way, and finally, when i opened that dike, only after some difficulties at begin, you seemed set yourself free from those sad remembers, and only looking at me, you have could feel something inside you, that unblocked itself, and my sweet smile toward you, had catched them, for throw them away.

You was looking at me with an empty glance, that little by little it was filling by something new that you have would found only touch sweetly my lips with your.
Only after kissed me, you have closed the eyes, and you have embraced me sweetly stronger to you, and once again, from your the sweet mouth that i had as soon kissed, has came out a sleepy: “Who are you?”

I threw away the air from the lungs, and slowly, without realizing, i transformed myself, again in that GoldFairy, and without any effort, i lifted you, wrapping you in that soft and light veil i had over my arms, and slowly, i started to turn around always faster.

All in a sudden the ceiling of the bedroom opened itself, and i have could take the flight in the middle of my light, that it was  became a beam of light that pointing up to the limits of the sky of the night. 

By now, you was forsaken to yourself:  i left you floating in the air in front of me, and i given you one of the most sweet kiss, and little by little, that sensation that you have felt during your story, has left you, and it has been pushed away by my light, like a tennis ball, far from that beam of light that was surrounding us.

Delicately i taken you again among my arms, going down, and just when we leaned again on bed, i have looked at you sleeping. 
Little by little, i became again that girl who you had brought in your apartment to save her from her enemies.

I, had saved you from your worstest remembers.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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