I opened

All in a sudden, the eyes because i felt your sweet embrace: the soft punch has grow up quickly, and those words in the middle has thrilled me much.

I don’t want write them here, but you know what you have said me. 
I’m shaking yet. 
Maybe you have whispered them while you was dreamin about me, and i felt them.

My throat is dry like a stone, and i can’t to swallow.

You are tightening me stronger, and you are repeating that sentence, that is hammering my head from i woke, and that sensation inside me is chok my being.

Are you exceeded that thin borderline for me? For to let me know what you feel.
I felt your fingers crossing mine, as our bond become stronger.
I’m leaving my mouth ajar: i miss the air. 
Your embrace is becoming stronger, and your sentence is inside me, and is become a new heart that is starting to beat, giving life to a new level our connection, life together, despite our distance.
I’m throwing away air form the lungs, to make enter the new oxygen you are giving me.

Your words are thrilling me yet.
Tell me isn’t not a dream.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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