“Entering” – tale *8*

In your  apartment our nostrils were been flooded by the smell of the carton that had filled the big space, that  i had started to look at astonished.
“It’s here where i live, isn’t the maximum but i have found as soon a angle that i love: small, but with everything i really need.” and you was accompanying me there, and just in just few seconds you have settled to best the sofa cushions, then you have helped me to sit down, giving me your hand to support me better: i was looking at me around.
I hadn’t said a word yet, but only because i was remained hit for how you had settled those few things around.
When i was sat down, you go backward, and you have stared me, still incredulous of who you had in front.
You had settled my white bag on the first stair of a sort second floor of the apartment, and from the sofa i could see that it was your bedroom. Without realizing, i blushed. 
You was still in front of me, staring that girl surrounded by a white soft cloud that it was her skirt: and i was smiling at you, taking my glance off you, as much was your insistence.

You have murmered something that i haven’t comphrended, but immediately after you have coughed, clearing your voice, and: “I’m sorry, i have to get use myself to everything, and you have left me breathless: you are so beautiful even like this…”.
You went backward yet, and you fell on the little table in front of the sofa, and shyly we both laughed.
“This is the laugh i remember”, and you said: “I will do the way to make you laugh with me always”. 
We smiled each other, and for a couple of minutes, we remained in silence, looking at somewhere else, but each time we were cross our gazes, we smiled

I was looking at me around, studying each small particular of that apartment.
You got up and went in kitchen, and when you got back you had something to eat: in fact something was murmuring, and were our stomachs : “Better than nothing” you said giving me a piece of pizza, and without say nothing we have finished  that half pizza that, presumably, you had left from the previous evening, and that you had thought to finish it all alone the next day, in that silent apartment, in which it could only hear from far the buzz of of the inhabitants of that neighborhood.
During that dinner, we smiled each other, almost embarassed from what we both had in mind, and by what we wanted ask.

You was looking at me surprised from what really i was, and i was lost in your blue eyes, asking myself where his friend could stay.   
Moving away the empty pizza carton, you settled next to me, promising me that next dinner it would be more than a waste from the night before: “It has been more than i would have eat usually” i said, covering my mouth to cover a tiny burlp, and that: “You are fantastic”, it has escaped from your mouth, laughing sweetly. 

Delicately, my soft light was covering all that ambient, and little by little,  was becoming a light which we had to get use to it: my emotions were materializing themselves around,  and you could, almost touch them.
I was next to the guy who had filled my heart, and he had made me forgot why for a long year each day, i sat on that bench. 

Then, without say nothing, you got up, and you have stretched the hands toward mine, and you have help me to get up.
“I accompany you in bedroom” you had said: i, already understood what you would have say after, but i remained in silence as long we didn’t arrived up.
You was about to close the long whit curtain that covered the window, but i stopped you.
“I don’t want revolutionize your life… leave it how it is”. With a shy smile you sat next to me on bed, while i was about to open my white bag, and you have said: “Already you have done it… you are a fairy” and i have looked at you shaking the head and shyly i smiled to you.
Leaving my hand, you have said: “Sleep well….” and you have kissed it, but  i held it back questioning you: “Where do you go?”, asking: “Please remain…”.
I nodded more, and you have  agreed at my demand.

You took on a t-shirt a pants for sleep, and you settled in bed waiting from me. 
Came out from the bathroom, i had on a white nightdress, with only the panties. 
You remained breathless: even  under my human form, even with those physical problems that someone has wanted given me, at you glance i was, always someone that took breath away.
Slowly i settled next your side, and you have wanted embrace me tight.

With the light turned off, gently you was tightening me, and you didn’t wanted think i was a fairy, but my light was surrounding you, when softly i asked to talk about your friend.”


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