“You was” – tale *7*

Embracing me tight at your chest, and slowly you was comprehending better what i had told you, but you was more worry about what i had said you about the bullies, and more that idea was growing in your head, more your desire it was to escape away from that room at the idea that those ill-intentioned could find where i lived, and get hurt me.

In your arms, you had a magical creature, who could do really few, in her human condition. 

In that fairy silence, you was observing that small room: what which i would have need. 
I could hear your breathe increasing, each time you noticed something i have would could taken, and just few minutes after: “Take that for you is important, and put some clothes in that bag next the cupboard: we go away from here”. You have sighed it tightening me more to you. 
I have lifted my face toward you, and you have just nodded yet.
I looked at you, almost astonished by your firm decision, but i knew it was the right one. 

I got up, and slowly i have collected everything you have thought that was important for me: even that small bag on the round little table next the window, where the moon, that night was illuminating it well. 
In that white bag, i had put some panties, shirt with long sleeves a couple of pants, and when i came out from the bathroom i had put on one white long skirt.
I remained on threshold to look at around to see if i was missing something, but i had taken everything, and i didn’t have noticed that you was mouth wide, and you was looking at me astonished, for as much beautiful i was. 

Shyly i came in front of you to you, and you have taken me from the hips, and you approached to me, saying something that has emotioned me as much that, my pale light turquoise, for few seconds has enveloped us.
I caressed your face, and you remained to stare at me yet, shy smiling.
Then you got up, taking my bag, and for a last time, gently, you have asked me if i didn’t have forgot nothing: the only two real important things were there, and one of them, it was your hand in mine.

Came out from the door, i have looked at you for a second, almost breathless i have questioned you: “And now?”
You held back the breath, and slowly you have throw it away: in that small gesture, you have collected all your apparently calm, and: “Not far from here, i just bought an apartment, let’s go there. Isn’t settled yet to the best, surely it’s safer than your room above the local”.   

We were still inside the building, and we were walkig along the aisle that it would taking us to the elevator, and i could feel your hand tight more delicately mine, and in those seconds my glance has went to study your profile, and it was focused to look at straight, and maybe you was thinking on what you would have do once came out from that buiding, but you, already knew it, and as soon out, you have checked that everything was calm, and right after, you have settled yourself in front of me, you have smiled, and without i realized, you have made me flight among your arms: and just in that moment i have totally comprehend that real meaning of the sentence: “It exceed all human limits”: you had exceeded them, and you was going beyond.

You was going straight for your street, and i was looking at you, with the heart in throat: your blue eyes had a special light, and only when you had go through that alley bad lit, you had get slow down your walk, for a second our eyes met, and slowly your lips have touched mine, then: “After what i discovered, i don’t want you run any danger”. At the same instant we held back the breath, for then throw it away from the nostrils. 
We smiled each other.”


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