“You was” – tale *6*

Astonished yet, and you was trying to give yourself a valid anwswer but what you was able to do was just to watching to me, and the only question that i could  hear, it was the only one that you had made me with a shaking voice.

After a long silence i’ve tried to say something that it would have get calm both of us, but it was only an attempt: not even me, knew what i was about to say, but that silence was lasting too much, and it was killing us.

Only when you have sighed for the the umpteenth time, the same question, i have tried to say something that it could have a logical thread, but what has came out from my mouth has been a murmuring, but then: “This is the second time in my life that i’m transformed. I was too young to remember with who i was, but i remember perfectly the words that i heard: «You have a pontetial bigger than our, one day you will become that you are destined to become, but you will transform yourself under your real form just next the person he can see beyond all the human limits», and what i remember the day after has been that i woke in this room, alone, scared, but immediately after outside from the window i heard your laughs with your friend in wheelchair, and i remained enchanted by what i was watching to that i totally forgot where i was, but above all who i was… who i am, and till few hours ago, till what you have make me feel…”.
Saying the latest sentence, i was realizing that i was blushing much.

You was remained in silence for all the time i have spoke, but that question was remain in your mind.
You had seen me trasforming in one of the most beautiful creature you had ever seen, but who really i was, you didn’t know it yet.

“What they have said in street it’s the truth: i’m a fairy witch. The persons  that you have known, know me just like a girl with some physical problem; they help me sometime, but they doesn’t know what you have discovered, making love with me…”.

I was talking yet, explaining you everything i remembered: from where i came from, and above all i was telling you each other particulars of that afternoon, and which emotions i had felt when i heard for the very first time your laughs, and all in a stroke, it got back in mind that sentence that, in someways, was hammering my deep self, since i have found me in that room: “You will have to find someone capable to see beyond the human limits” and that person has been you: i didn’t knew that after that afternoon you would be vanished. 

“I rented this room for few money from the owner of the local below, after a violent meeting with some bullies, and he has taken my defences, but each time they arrive, there is always scare: that’s why, another reason, those guys help me”. 

You was breathing slowly, looking at me and as much slowly, you have said: “Isn’t safe stay here alone, above all for you: i can remain”.
You have left in suspended that sentence: maybe you was waiting for my nod, but it didn’t ever come.
I just looked at straight into your eyes, and i was approached to you, and sweetly i throw in your chest, and after one or two seconds of titubance, you have tightened me among your arms.
After that small certainty, i turned off the lamp.

Slowly, after held back the breathe, we threw it away from the lungs, and delicately after, our breathes were merged one in another.”


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