Here you are

With your sweet embrace, and your whispers. 
I’m feeling your closeness, make becoming stronger, everything turning inside Our Parallel World.
The soft punch in the stomach, and your smaling is filling my soul.

You know i don’t give up to make you arrive what i want to give you.
Maybe i will put more time than i have imagine, but i would really like to give you what i would love to give you.
After what i seen, i just think how much things we have in common, and this it make me hold back the breathe for then slowly throw it away, and i imagine on other many things we can talk about, just sit in front one another, maybe caressing our hands sweetly, and looking at each other.

Gently i feeling your embrace from behind, and i’m thinking  to you much in these hours.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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