“When you have” tale *5*

Start to kiss me, caressing all my body, you didn’t know what it would be happen.
At begin, you didn’t have not even noticed it.

Slowly from my body has came out a pale turquoise/ blue light, with some particles of pink/purple dust that has surrounded all the room, and they were leaning themselves on bed, on your body, and my body really slowly was changing, and just when you made me feel that short but very intense sensation i’m bloomed, and i taken the flight, under my real form: a beautiful flying gold creature, surrounded by her blue pale light, who was dancing firm moving her arms and turning.

That thin dust was around me, was a sort of  light and transparent veil that covered my arms, and it was floating around.
You was breathless: you was looking at me astonished: you looked for to pronnounce my name to be sure i was still there with you: that fairy had my face: i was her, and i was dancing firm above you.  
Without any other effort you have begun to stare at me dancing, while i was spreading from my body all that light, and slowly, was enveloping your being, and just when you have feel inside you some small changes, you have whispered my name again, asking : “What’s happening?”

Under my new form, i could not say anything, but i could with just gesture, and above all with the glance, and slowly, you have left yourself go.
You had understood that i could reply to every question, but it was useless make them, when you was looking at a creature so special. A fairy  who was waiting for to bloom  from inside another as much special person. 

But was about to happen something else: that halo around that gold fairy was disappearing, and some tracks of fear were marking her face. I was asking help.

“Daria, everything will goes fine, i’m here….”.
Little by little, my floating form was dematerializing, and at end you was capable to catch me, for lean me on bed, but as soon on mattress that gold fairy is vanished, and for some of the longest seconds of your life you are remained to stare the empty mattress with wide eyes where you had lean me.

In those instants your blood chilled, and you have called me thousands times in your head: everything was choking you, but just when you have been able to breathe again, you have say my name, and like a blow of wind, the room has been invested by something strange.

A long breathe has enveloped the room in a soft white smoke, and finally, my human body is appeared again, where shortly before you had seen vanishing that floating gold fairy. 

Only when the latest filaments of that thin smoke dissolved in the air, our glances met again.
You didn’t have asked me how i was feeling, because you was already watching it through my eyes, and i was delicately touching your face, sweetly touching with my fingers your lips with my fingers, and after you was approached for kissing me, you have sighed: “…but who are you really?”  holding back the breathe, for the throw it away, assuring yourself that i was  really ok.

At your question there was no answer yet.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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