The double numbers

Are surrounding me, with your closeness.
If I still think to what i’ve discover of you, i can feel your embrace stronger enveloping my belly, and our connection is become one of the most lasting, and i love what i’m feeling, and i’m sure you feeling the same.

From when the double numbers are entered in my life, and i believe even in your, our connection is one of the stronger, and i believe, they want mean something, and if i think to everything: to everything that has developed all this mechanism, in my mindis born the certainty that our connection, has something really magic.
And i really think that around us there is a magical aura, and that even you can perceive it become stronger, each day is passing by.

Stronger like our soft punch in stomach, and our minds are in continuous connection: even tonight small electric shocks crossed through our minds, and what i have seen it has make me understand still much about you sensibility, your need to have someone by your side especially in this moment that may comprehend you more than other.

I live far from you, but i can say you that i understood you more than other person you have around.
Our connection is made, even by these little things.
I can read your deep self, and i throw away all the air i have in my lungs.

I’m screaming your name, and i’m sure you can hear it, in somewhere part of your soul.
I’m feeling you damning close to me, from three days, and i want that marvellous sensation may have no ever end.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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