That sensation

Doesn’t leave me: it is growing always more, and the head is slowly exploding, and that soft punch in the stomach is making me shake like a leaf.
I have to hold back the breathe,  to try to get calm.
I’m still think what is happened the other day, and our connection is always around me, around us, and in whaterver you want call it, is tightening my being to your.
It’s like that thin invisible thread is tightening itself with ours souls in middle.

What i’m feel in these hours, is one of the greatest feeling, if not the greater in these five years, since when it’s begun this magical connection.
Then without realize, you have made me comprehend much about you in one second than in all every these years passed together, and you have made me understand everything i have need to know, and all this has merged our worlds in one only: Our Parallel World, and everything we have to know is inside of it.

And everything i have around is taking me to you, and everything i need is your smile, to understand that what which you need, is to go in Our Parallel World to explore all magic it has, and stay there with me.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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