“I’ve started” – tale *4*

To tell something, that i had hid even to myself, but i had found someone, who wasn’t escape, but on the contrary was remained fascinated by who had in front, and from the first words you remained in silence, and from the first breathe taken, you have look at me, without know where i have would take to you.

I looked at up to the sky, and i held back the breathe, then i looked at you, and something has made click in my head throwing away everything without any effort.
“I was there that afternoon: i have attended to every jokes you made with your friend: your laughs is entered inside me like a ray of light, and your normality with which you was taking him , without ever worry how he was each his fall… it is what i always wished. Everybody here consider me that one strange, even because my problems.”
You was staring at me comprehending more, and that ” Help” word printed on your face that was disappearing slowly, and your mind was solving some questions that i was able to read in your eyes, but you have would not ever asked. 

From serious, your glance has become the sweeter: i was embarassed much, and after a quick glance, i look at down, and i could feel my heart splashing out from my chest. I never told this to anyone: just writing it in that diary that was open on my legs: and now i was confessing it to the interested person: who maybe, didn’t have understand that each day i sat down on that bench in waiting for him, at least from one year.

By now the local behind was about to close, and we were still on that bench.
The street lamp was spreading that reddish yellow color, and little by little everybody were leaving that meeting point.
Someone has came from behind, has coughed to be noticed, and both, we were turned.
“We are about to go Daria, we can wait for you”. I have looked wide eyes them, then i looked at you. 
I knew, i had exceeded the time, and i would i have to go, but just after few seconds: “I can bring you…if you want…”  you said touching sweetly my hand leaned on the bench.
I turned again toward you, blushing. 
“Are you sure?” they asked.
“Surely… we have lose the knowledge of time, and we are old friends… i know where Daria live, i accompany her, don’t worry, you can go”.
They could not see me: i was looked at you wide eyes, and right after, i have heard they saluted me, and maybe i have saluted them back.
Therefore, with this little lie, they have left me with you.

After, we have realized that in neighborhood, were remained only us and some stray cats that fighting for a flesh piece fallen from the garbage bin, next the building of that local, and just those roars were making background to that night really silent.

Every those words i had tell you wandering still in your mind, but immediately after i have noticed your expression has changed, and in someway, you got back there on that bench next to me, and for an instant we both we have stared the starry sky, then that phrase that i would wante never hear from: “Do you want go?”
I have stared my diary, and i closed it.
Our glance met, and i nodded.

You have stretched your hand, and i got up: we remained in front one another, and you didn’t make me take a step, and you have took me among your arms, and i attached my arms to your neck astonished.
“Where are you stay?” you asked, looking straight into my eyes.
I indicated with a finger a building enough close, and slowly we have reached it. 

My room was at one of latest floor: we have take the elevator, but also inside it, you haven’t wanted leave lean me on the floor. 
I looked at you, always more surprised. 
Arrived  i have opened the door, and you entered.

There was just a bed and just few furnitures, and our gazes met again. 
I was shaming for what i could offer you, but after have leaned me on bed, you said: “It’s ok, don’t be shame… it’s perfect like this”.
You sat next to me, and you approached closer to me: i looked down, but immediately you have lifted my face, and almost for an error, our lips kissed, and slowly you have leaned me on mattress. 
“Maybe you are really a witch: you have witched me”. 
And you have continued to kissed me, and i left you do it.
Then your hands has started to caress my legs and you have sighed: “I’ll make you fly”, looking at me deeply.”


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