This time

My head is literally exploded.
I thought in your mind was unhooked a bomb, and your target was me.
In your own way,  you have made an impression. 
We seemed to be on that bench where you was tell what you have remember, and then the void.
Then that bomb, those emotions: your embrace from behind, despite you was in front of me, and that soft punch in the stomach, that little by little has grown, always more, and my heart that didn’t wanted to stop to beat strong, and my difficulty to swallow, has dry my throat.

Your eyes straight inside mine, and me who held back the breathe, for then, throw it away, and then hear my name enter in your ears, in your mind, in your heart, in your soul, and in that precise instant everything has started to turn around fast, and in one second: “What you will have think?”
There, in those instants, my head has begun  to go in pieces.
Everything was going fast, and even now the double numbers are around.

Just in these instants everything get back to the normality: your soft embrace has enveloped me sweetly.
Maybe our connection in those minutes has arrived, almost to exceed everything: in those minutes we were about to touch us, and we didn’t have realized. 
That’s why we were feeling so strange, like million of torns are piercing our heads.
Each day, we stretching our step to reach that point. 
You have made the first test, and it went like this.

Let’s throw away the air from the lungs: we close the eyes.
“Embrace me” i say you.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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