“You was there” – tale *2*

Dived in your thoughts, and i writing your remebembers, almost as if, we were an assembly machine; instead, maybe,  you didn’t noticed what i was doing so silently with that pencil in hand.
Ocassionally, you was turn toward me, but our faces didn’t have met: in your pauses, i was finish to complete the sentence, it seemed you that i was doing another things, and of what you was murmuring it seemed i didn’t cared.

For you, i was only another stranger girl who you had met in a familiar place.
You was remember aloud that afternoon with your friend, then you have stopped, as if in your mind there was blocked: you didn’t remember what was happened later.

You have leaned on the backrest of that bench for collect your thoughts, but it has been useless: your remember had left you in suspended: after that a precise image of that afternoon, you have remember nothing more, and have held back the breathe for then throw it away from the lungs, and slowly, you have stared straight ahead of you, closing for a moment the eyes. 
I noticed that through the small glasses rods, but immediately after i have taken again to look at my diary. 

That afternoon is remained carved in my heart from long time, and i was remember perfectly what you both had done, in the moment you have stopped. 
I was remained curve on my diary writing, but little by little, i have started to speak softly, and my voice has wrapped you, and slowly, in your mind those remembers made by images and sounds, has taken life again, while i was still writing, speakng, almost, without sense.

You have lifted the face, and really slowly, you turned toward me wide eyes, breathless as much as speechless you was.
You wanted to know who was that girl who seemed read the deep of your mind, and pull out some remembers of your life. 
I was writing, while i was still sweetly, making you reliving that afternoon, with some particulars very detailed. 

You haven’t interrupted me, but at any cost, you wanted look at my face: first you have take off your sunglasses, and you bow yourself ahead to look for to see my alignements, but i knew, you would not been able to.
The sun was cutting in half that portion of neighborhood in those instants, and for whoever it would been very difficult to see forward without closing the eyes each second: for anyone,  just me.
Sitting on that side of the bench, i had found the right angle to see everything, and everybody without annoyance. 

I was looking at my diary, still writing what i was telling you, and you still looking for to catch my attention, but my words had closed your throat as much as detailed my remembers of that day were.

Some people were passed behind the bench, and have looked at me, murmuring something that you have listened. 
“I don’t know how she able to” one of them said, and the other has whispered: “Many say, she is a witch” moving away, but always staring at me.
I pretended to have not heard, and i threw away the air from the lungs: i knew they were asking themselves how i could stay there without have annoy me by the sun.
You have turned yourself toward those people, looking at them astonished. 
You held back the breathe, for then threw it away, then you have looked at me deeply. 
The your voice has wrapped me: “They don’t know what they say”, and slowly you have smiled.

I threw away the air from nostrils, like to say: “Don’t worry, maybe there is something true”, and at end my glance has met your, and i shy smiled to yo and your smile has become bigger, then a silence has fallen among us.
Then all in a sudden, you have sighed: “Tell me what do you still remember about that afternoon”.
 I looked at you straight into your eyes, and slowly i close the eyes, and i started to tell.

The sun was leaving his place to the moon, and my words was enchanting you.”


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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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