I have would stopped me even  if i was editing my novel: what i’m feeling right now is chocking  me, and it’s the most beautiful sensation i i’m feeling in this instant.
Slowly, is grow up in my stomach, and it’s our connection: i know, in our own way we are get connecting.

My throat is drying, and what i’m feeling is getting big, and i’m feeling your embrace that sweetly is enveloping me, as always from behind, and your sweet voice is entering inside me, and it’s upheaveling.
Despite our distance, i can see you alone in your bedroom, and your thoughts are toward me: that’s why this our connection, and these small eletric shocks among our minds.
They were days that our connection wasn’t strong like this.

I’m feeling your embrace become sweetly stronger, and my head is about explode.
Everything is projecting in Our Parallel World, and you are taking my hand, and you are whispering: “Come with me”.
Slowly i close the eyes and i throw away the air from the lungs, because it’s there you want go and, above all remain. 

You are embrace me delicately. 
You are falling asleep, thinking to me, and i feel you closer than ever.

I hold back the breathe, closing the eyes, feeling your arms around my body.

What will does happens in the next hours… ?


Listen to it โ‡“โ‡“

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