“All in a sudden” – tale *1*

You have knock at my door, and step by step i made you enter in my life.

You was that guy who has rounding for few hours in my neighborhood, several years ago, and then you are vanished: in those hours you have made me dream. I was in a corner, and i pretend to don’t notice you: instead you have, immediately catched my attention. You was playing with a guy in a wheelchair, and seemed you didn’t care he had those problems, on the contrary, you have made him fallen on the ground, and you both have laugh much, then you have put him again on his wheelchair, and you both have started again to run, and i, always there, to looking at you, and the last thing i remember you both that had have a long chat, laughing. Your shy smile has been one of the lastest thing that i remember.
Your sweet laugh has filled my heart, then you are disappeared. 

I was about to forget you, when a day i’ve recognized that laugh, and, all in stroke, i stopped myself, and i don’t have understand nothing.
They were passed several years, but that laugh has remained printed in my remembers. 
You was few meters distant from me, and you was asking some information to a person, and then another your laugh.
Yes, it was you without doubt. 

I was looking down the piece of concrete in front of me, and i hadn’t any wish to lift the face to meet your glance. I would be die, if i had done it.
I have seen your shoes, and your pants: you was just in front of me and you was still talking with the person who you had stopped. 
You was telling him that neighborhood had something familiar, but you didn’t remember what, but you has sure, been there, already. 
I wanted lift my face, and say you about that afternoon with your friend, but the stomach was too much scrambled for to be scramble more.
Then, the last laugh has given me the certainty that was you, and in the instant that the passer-by left has gone, i stared your shoes wide eyes, and i have could see you turning round without know where to go: just after a couple of rounds, you have sit on the bench next to me, sighing. I wanted take my bag and go, but i would do double tiring, and for sure i would have met your eyes: thing that i really didn’t want to do.
So, i have waited for on that bench.

Each of us, were dived in own thoughts: me with the face down to stare the blanket page of my diary, full of tiny doodles, and you with those sunglasses who was look at don’t know what, straight in front of you. 
Then, almost without realizing you have start to tell aloud something that, little by little, seemed that far afternoon which i have attended, from far, several years ago.

Slowly, i started to write what i was listening to, and everything was taking form under our eyes. 
You that was watching it on the street, and me i was giving a written form to that afternoon, at those laugh aloud of those two guys.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓

“You was there” – tale *2*⇒

Rating: 1 out of 5.

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