“When still” – short story ♠77♠

The fast vortex was sucking everything, around us, you have tightened me among your arms, slowly our fingers were crossed one in another, and our glance met. Our hearts beating at unison, and it seemed they wanted to splash out form our bodies.

Everything around was inside the storm that you had unleash: everything was flying, and everybody were running away, looking a safe place, while the only in the middle that mess, we were us, and seemed that nothing, and nobody could touch us.
All the terror the GoldLizard had spreaded in those hours, was going away

Slowly, everything got back to the normality, even if the normality, in those few minutes has been revolutionized by your small magic.
We were still in the middle of the bar, one in front another, without speak, but what we wanted say, we were doing through our eyes, and just a soft touch of our lips, made it stopped the residual wind, and it is fallen the real calm, and just in those instants, Philip who was hid himself under the counter, he has seen us there, in silence, dived in what we were feeling.

He knew that that one was one of the intense moment that we have could share, and he left us alone, also, in that mess, among broken glasses, bottles and tablecloths scattered on the floor.

He has checked that anyone didn’t got hurt, and he was giving explanation, as much as he could, to who was still making questions like: “How has been possible? Who are they?” And more all that questions, were becoming a broken record, the only anwser he could give them, was: “Don’t know, but what i can say you, for certainly, is that they are magical”, looking at  those two person stand still, inside his bar.

In those minutes, we had started to breathe again, thank to the oxygen the we were taking from the person we had in front, and just in instants one of us has spoken: “If you hadn’t hold me, i would be sucked inside that black hole… and…”.
I looked at you holding back the breathe, putting you my finger on mouth, and i sighed: “Don’t continue…”. 

I knew, that you just wanted open that black hole for throw away GoldLizard in the middle of the darkness, leaving wander him in middle of the nothing. 
I taken your hand, i have brought you to sit at the table: we were walking through that mess, but seemed we didn’t care.

In our own way, we were still feeling those strange sensations, and everything was floating, as if, we were on a soft and light cloud.
We were remained shocked how much we were connected one with another.

Everything was running still on our skin, and was hard to watch forward. 
After a long breathe, we have make fall that veil that had enveloped us, and we got up, and we got back in the middle of bar, where Philip was collecting everything from the floor helped by others clients hosts of that evening.
Everybody stopped  themselves what they were doing, and Philip has presented us: “Since when, they are entered in this bar, i knew that it would happened something magical among them, and something has happened: they falled in love, and i believe that, what has happened this evening, is just thank to their magical love… we have to just thank you. Let’s party!”

Even if, the local was, almost destroyed, Philip wanted have party.
However without make us noticed, after that Philip had left us to take the few order that he could take, we have left the bar from the main entrance, among many pat on the shoulders.

We had to recover all our forces, and without make too much effort, we entered in the close building.
Arrived in my small room, without take off the clothes, we have lay down on bed.
You have wanted me embrace and kissing, and like this, we fallen asleep.”


 Listen to it ⇓⇓


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