“We looked at” – short story ♠76♠

Each other scared: i was in front of you: my place was the usual, that one behind the service door, next to the jukebox, and i could see the whole local through the wooden curtain. 
You was givin the shoulders to all that scenario, and the only mirror in which you could dive yourself were my eyes, that slowly were changing at each move that GoldLizard was make, and they were splashing from the from my body, when he was approaching toward us. 
Our hands were tightening strong, and when he was arriving toward our table, my hand has tightened more your, and in a whisper, you have said: “Breath…” and you have smiling, caressing my skin, making crossing your fingers with mine: that gesture has become usual, and in that situation it what i really needed to feel: despite we had figured his approach to our table after that slam, our hearts has begun to beat like twp jackhammer, and my eye were widing at each step he was making. 

I just wanted take you, and escape way, but you was calmer out from each expectation, and just in those instants you was alienating from that situation, and slowly you was entering in a world, that i had see just one time, and maybe i was understanding where you would have bring GoldLizard, but maybe this was a test.
I was looking at you, but at the same time i was keeping an eye on him, and at end, his wrinkled paw has gave a big pat on your shoulder, and i had a jolt.
“Are you that have slammed the door?” he asked.

You was looking at me, as if i was your anchor, and i didn’t take off my glance from you: i had fear to look at him, but i knew he was stared at me, and he was waiting for still your reply.
Your eyes were straight into mine, and just talking with the glance, i was saying: “Speak… do something, please!”
I was watching to the GoldLizard paw was tightening your shoulder more, and more you wasn’t reacting, you was looking at the person you had in front only: just when you have closed the eyes, taking a great breathe, i have understood what you had in mind to do. 

That one your profound breathe, like in an enchant, it has spreaded in all the local, making open the main entrance. The Gold Lizard hasn’t noticed, and just when you have tightened me more the hand, i have understand that i would have become for real, your anchor: i would have to keep me stronger as much i could to the wooden pole next to my round bench. 
The GoldLizard was awaiting for you spoke. 
Just when Philip has seen me hold me tight to the pole, has understand that something strong, it would have invested the pub, and slowly, he has put down himself on the floor, and he has beckoned to the others to do the same.

Your breathe got increasing, and GoldLizard still stand, behind you, and was really tightening you more your shoulder: you was feeling pain, but wasn’t still the moment to turning around and look at him.
You was waiting for another tight of my hand, and that tight got arrived just few seconds later, and just when you have felt my hand tight, you have held back the breathe, and you have turned round toward the GoldLizard, who nervously, have asked you again “Why that slam?” and “Was been you to slam the door?” and still you hadn’t speak: it seemed you wanted provoked him as long him wouldn’t have take you from the collar of the leather jacket.

At end you have reached your milestone, and GoldLizard has gave you a great push, and the immediately after you got up, and you have put yourself in front of him looking at his face, almost challenging him, but knowing that the winner would been you. 
With the hand free i held you back, while inside the bar a strong wind was upsetting everything.
And replying to those simple two question, all in a sudden, it was opening a sort of black hole.
“Yes i been me: any problem with it?” And when you have looked at him for the very first time straight into his eyes, from you was being  born a vortex that has overwhelmed the GoldLizard who was sucked inside from that unknown force, making him disappearing among thunders, lightenening, and rain, while i was tightening you stronger than i could, and everything around was flying in the air.
I have screamed your name several time inside that, almost inexplicable storm.

Slowly, everything, got back to the normality, and a sweet: “I’m here” got calm me: i have opened the eyes, and i threw me among your chest: just after, i looked at you astonished.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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