“The plan” – short story ♠75♠

We had studied was simple, as much as complicated. We have shared just a glance when you have taken me in your arms and we went down. I had the whole scene in my mind, and i was seeing your lips moving, without issue any sound: i knew you was reviewing everything you would have do, once entering in the bar through that dark bad lit aisle, everything was in your hands.
If i was been all alone, maybe i would do just mess, and i would have put really in danger everybody inside the bar. 

That morning the sky, through the big window was grey, and it was threatening rain: some lightening tore apart it, and some thunder was roaring.
Crossed the kitchen, you have throw a look to me, and without ask, you had asked if i wanted something to eat: i just negatively nodded: my stomach was closed just to the idea to faced up the GoldLizard, and to swallow something, in that moment, it was inconceivable, and it was worthing the same for you.
We were as much taken  from what we had to do, that maybe a iced glass of beer at end, if ever everything was went how we had figured, we have would even appreciated, but as long it wasn’t over, to eat was the last thing that we wanted do.

We came out, and the first drops were falling.
We hadn’t to take the car: from we got back there was no car around; they were well settled in the parking, and nobody dared to use them.
Slowly we have started to walk toward the Philip bar, and that chill atmosphere it streghtening itself each step we were making along the sidewalk. 
Hand in hand, we hadn’t opened mouth, and all in a sudden i stopped: i was reasoning on some detail of the plan, and i have explained my idea to enter from the main entrance, so to be, immediately, noticed from Philip, but you have rejected, giving me valid reasons, saying: “Let’s keep on the original plan: it better, let’s pretend be customers, already inside the bar: it will be better for me this way”. And you have continued to explain  how you had thought to move, once inside the bar. 
I was looking at you wide eyes.

More we were approaching to the building next the bar, more my throat has closed itself, and my blood has become a block of concrete in my body: I had need of that damned glass of water that wasn’t there.
When we were entering in my building, immediately we directed toward the secrete entrance, and we have go through the first blue aisle, without take our glance off one from another, while already from far we were hearing the first scream followed by a great wave of steam.
At end of that climb, we entered in the small labrynth: we held back the breathe, and without say it, we have could listen to: “Let the show begin”. We both knew, it was that we were thinking, as soon we got arrived in front of that heavy door.
“One… two… three..” and like the previous time you have helped me to open the door, but this time we entered together.

The plan was simple: enter,  to sit down at my table, but making to slam the door for catch the attention of the GoldLizard toward us, and make him come to our part.
You have assured yourself that i was sat, then you came to sit next me, leaving the door that slowly it closing itself, and at his slam, everybody in the pub had have a jolt, me included, and finally we have met Philip’s glance.
“What has happened?!” asked the GoldLizard scared, and slowly he came toward where had heard the slam.
His almond eyes met yours.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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