“You was” – short story ♠74♠

Enchanted by that girl you had in front: you haven’t say a word, even if thousand that words were turning round in your head, but what you has been capable has been just to smile, while you was laying next to me, while our glances for the umpteenth time were dived one in another, and just when you was realizing that slowly i fallen asleep, you have whisper: “Of all the girls i have met, you are the most special: despite what you have faced up to, you are here ready to fight once again, i will be next to you whatever you will decide: i love you also for this”. And sweetly you have embrace me, and unconsciously i was approached me to you more.

Those hours were passed by, with different rhythm, but when the sunlight has entered in the bedroom, i has been the first to open the eyes, and for  a long instant i was remained to look at that bedroom, and the big window along the only wall that facing part of that dark alley, from where i could see part of the street that it was bring to the only long sidewalk, where at his end there was the Philip bar.

In my mind were resounding those words of that GoldLizard, and his face was well printed in my mind.
He had an own fascination in his all evilness, but for sure he had to get back, from he was arrived at any cost.
In the air was breathing that chill that he had spreaded in the previous hours: from the window i could hear just the cold breeze of the morning that entering.

In those minutes something warm had heating my soul, and  it was you by my side: you was still sleeping, and when i have realized that your hand has been all night, on my body, like to protect me, i held back the breathe, for then throw it away: i was realizing that i was put you in a situation enough dangerous, for save few people. 

I was watching you sleeping, and all in a sudden, i thought to leave you, and continue that crazy idea alone.
I was about to get up: i had put my hand on the mattress to give me the right push, when i have felt you held my arm, and your sleepy voice say: “Where do you go? Today we have to save the world”. I have smiled, and your hand has dragged me closer to you: “I was thinking to…” i wanted finish that sentence, but you have looked at me, while you was approaching to me, and you have whispered: “I saw your courage, your determination to go bottom, i want give you something that may goes beyond to all this: i want to give you all my love” and sweetly you kissed me, leaning my body once again on the mattress, and without make any resistence i left you to caress my naked body, while you giving me your “Good morning” in the sweeter way: looking at straight into my eyes whispering: “We will defeat him”, while your lips were caressing my mouth.

“We will defeat him i promise it to you”, you have repeated it: you have left me breathless.
With this sentence we got back to the reality.
Maybe it was late, perhaps everything was changed, and there was no to make anything no more, but we had to attempt.

We held back the air for then throw it away. 
We have smiled nervously, we given ourselves another small kiss, and you have said, once again: “I love you…” leaving me breathless yet.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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