This sensation

Doesn’t want leave me, on the contrary is growing always faster: my head can exploed at any time.
I can feel your closiness, always closer, and your embrace from behind is tightening me more, and i can feel your breathe wrapping my being, always stronger, and everything can chok me from inside.
And another double number is saying me something, but i’m not able to decipher it.

I just feel your embrace become sweeter strong, and our connection is getting inside my head, and in your own way, you want say me something.
Now our eletric shocks are become something more powerful. 

My head is spinning like a spinning top, my soft punch is develop in all my body, and you are here next to me.
You are thinking of me, like i’m think to you, and in our own way, we are calling us, and despite all this distance we feel each other..

You are kissing me, that’s why i leave ajar my mouth. 
Our lips are caressing one another, and i’m feeling your embrace become stronger.

And this another double number is close this circle of magical emotions
We are saying us something important.
Let’s make going crazy our hearts.


Listen to it

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