“We had” – short story ♠72♠

Make love with such passion that for a moment we had forgot where we were, but even with such delicateness that when we have reached the orgasm we had believed to be able to delete all that situation in which we were happened.
Still inside me, we have shared another last languid gaze, while we could feel the contractions still pulsing inside us, and our breathes got slow down. 

Another last holding, and slowly you came out, without take your eyes off me, and after i sigh the name of Philip, and you have nodded.
You have carressed me, then you went to the window to check if in meanwhile it was changed something: the deadly silence was marking still the presence of that creature in the bar, and the inhabitants just outside the local murmuring, instead to talk aloud, as they have would do normally.

You have followed me in that small apartment, without know what idea i had in mind: i made you see just the keys of my room. You just could figure what i would do, but not even you, knew where i would have take you to.
Little by little, we taken our clothes on, and checking for a last time that shiver scenario outside the window, we came out from that white room, and closing the door i have sighed: “After, it’s better to get back here. Less we make us notice, better is for us”. 
You could see in my glance all my determination to go bottom at this matter, and find a solution to get out from it.

After taken the elevator, and went down, i have taken your hand, and i guided you through those aisles that very few persons knew.
From that short well lit blue aisle, we had go up a short climb, where we would get inside in that long and dark and full of  screams and steam. 
At first scream i have looked at you straight in your eyes, and i said: “The first time it can scare, but then you enter in an automatism, and…”, then is came the great wave of steam that has wrapped all the small enviroment, then our eyes has met again, and: “then it can become even fun” i said shyly smiling.
You was still looking at you around, then you have smile, looking at me who i was walking sure, leaning the hand on the wall that skirted all that long, and dark aisle.

“This is a shorcut that Philip has tought me the very first days i was arrived here, and i started to used it daily…” i sighed, then i have prefered to continue to walk in silence: we were about to reach the service door. 
You was behind me, without speak: it seemed that you was breathing not even.
A couple of screams followed by great wave of steam, and all in stroke, here it is the door in front of us. 
In that aisle bad lit, we seemed two ghosts with their floating shadows. 

I looked at you, while i have pulled out the keys: i’ve inserted them in the keyhole making lesser noise possible, even if, i knew it was impossible to hear it from the other side, but i have asked to help me to push the door slowly.
For the moment i didn’t wanted enter: i just wanted checked how was the situation inside, and look for to see Philip, and if, i was capable to say him that we were there.
I looked at you, and just moving the lips, i started to make the countdown: “one… two… three”, and together we have open the door, then i left it to you, and really slow i threw a look around, and finally i have could see Philip, but he seemed too petrified to take his glance off who was talking, dictating law.
I got backward, and i threw a look to you, and without say not even a word, i shaked the head, and i made you understand that the situation was worse than we have figured.

That one GoldLizard was walking along the local, pointing each one of clients, saying aloud that from that moment on he would be the leader, and that from now on he would imparted orders, and they would be in trouble who would have, even try, to disobey.

Dived in our thoughts, we got back in my room, and without turn on the small light next to bed, we laid on it, listening to him scream yet.
I looked at you wide eyes, and you had understood that to remain a minute more, it would been a torture.
Without thinking it much, you have taken me among your arms, and we came out. 
In the street there was no one, and in the neighborhood resounding just that croaking voice.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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