“You have looked” – short story ♠70♠

At me still astonished, for how many beauty i could issue just with a shy smile, and you have left me go to prepared myself,  remaining to stare that bed sheets you had take off  from my body, as if, in that big piece of cloth there was still part of my magic.
You was remained to listen to the water that was flowing in the sink of bathroom figuring me i was blooming yet.
For a second, you have stared your hand, and you have remember when you have felt me explode among your finger, and just when i came out from the bath, you shaked yourself from all those sensations that had enveloped you till that moment.
Just my smile had awoke you, and my carress got back you in that real world in which i wanted dive me at any cost.

You have put on your jeans, a t-shirt, and that leather jacket, and like for bring me upstairs, you have taken me in your arms, and we went down.
From now on, you would have had care of me more than other human being on this earth: this has been the promise you had done to yourself.

Leaving me put the feet on floor, you have smiled, and before to take the key, you have asked me if i wanted something to eat.
“Philip will be happy to prepared his special breakfast for both”.
So, we came out.
Maybe it was the atmosphere that didn’t wanted left us, perhaps everything was in our mind, but everything was so strange.
Maybe that little red brownish bird was for real a sign of something that was changing.

You was about to open the car, but i have said: “Let’s walk”: after all the Philip bar was just at end of that long straight sidewalk, and take a bit air, it could make us feel good.
So, you have taken my hand, and slowly we have started to walk.

It weren’t us, it wasn’t not even the atmosphere that we had dragged from that journey, neither the emotions that we were feeling one for another: we were in a different dimension, where the enviroments were the same, but all the rest was far from it. 

More we going ahead, more we were realizing that, and when we have crossed an inhabitant of that neighborhood, for a second we have missed the breathe, and my thought has, immediately, went to Philip, and i tightened your hand, and as much as i could i started to walk faster.

Under a false normality, everything was changed: the world that we were calling real world did exist no longer.
Many questions were rounding our minds, without find any valid answer, and more we approached to the bar, more my walk got slow, and at end of sidewalk, where was interrupted by that small alley, i stopped, and you have put yourself in front of me, and you have said: “We will undertand what has happened, i promise it to you”. 
I have threw a look toward the bar, and now my greatest desire was that one to enter, to see if i would find Philip. 
We looked at each other, one second yet, and walking really slow, we have exceeded the alley, to look inside through the big window if we could glimpse Philip. 

From a local with five or six regular costumers, now we couldn’t see not even the counter, as much full it was, and we couldn’t see not even my table. 
When i was about to give up, i have felt the keys of my small apartment in my pocket, and i have looked at you, and without say nothing i taken your hand, and i dragged you in the alley.
“Surely, nobody knows this shortcut” and without making us notice from anybody we directed toward the building next the Philip bar, and for a second you have lifted your face toward that small window at the corner.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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