“We remained” – short story ♠69♠

So to stare who we had in front, without not even to breathe, while our hands touching, as if each both didn’t had realize what we had had faced up, and what we had feel in those intants earlier, and just looking at the eyes of the person who we had in front, we could perceive each smallest changing we were going throught.
Me with the hands on your bare chest, and you with my face among your.
In shortest time we were collecting everything, and slowly we had started to breathe again.

We threw away the air, and slowly we got back in that reality that was surrounding us.
Slowly, i got back to stare your eyes, and in a sigh i said: “We should give our news to Philip”.
It seemed me we have been apart from long time, and then he was the other person who i had in my heart.
You hadn’t say nothing yet: you was in front of me enveloping me in your embrace: you wanted just to savor that moment, and to enter more in my mind: to know how much was profound my soul, and to discover where those wings would have bring you. You was just enchanted by what i was making you feel. 

Slowly, you have placed my hand on your heart, and you have lifted my face toward you, and delicately you have threw away the air from the lungs, and after a floating moment, you have said: “Everything you wish”, but it was else that you would like to say me: it was written in your glance, but you haven’t added anything else.

We would could remain like this for all the day, if we had wanted, but little by little a shiver had crossed me, and your embrace it wouldn’t be enough to warm me.
Gently you have passed me one of your t-shirt, right after your perfume has enveloped me more: we have smiled each other. 

Step by step, we were shaking us from those emotion we had felt in the Burn Valley, even if seemed us to stay in that opalescent atmosphere yet, and everything going slow, at the rhythm of our hearts, in someways, we were entering in another dimension, but it didn’t have scared us at all, on the contrary it was reassuring, and we could feel our heart beating always more at unison, and it seemed us, it was sailing on the calmest sea inside our souls.

When that red and brownish little bird has fly away, we both held back the air for then throw it away, and it seemd us that he had given us the start of this adventure together.
“Adventure?” i sighed looking at you astonished. You wasn’t able to say not even a word, you have closed the eyes nodding. 
We were enveloped by something bigger than anything else.

For a moment you settled on the edge of bed, pulling me toward you, then you have tightened me the hips, and slowly you was able to say what you had in mind.
“Till now, i didn’t have realized how much beauty you had inside, and when i have seen everything you have faced up, i loved you more than i loved you earlier…”. 
I had a jolt, and i was about to fall backward, but you have tightened me more, then i wide the eyes, and unconsciously i leave ajar the mouth.
“Yes, i love you” you sighed, pulling me more toward you, and slowly your lips have kissed mine as much passionately to leave me breathless.
You have make me take the breathe again, caressing with the fingers the lips as soon kissed, and then you have asked me: “Do you want really go out?” Biting my lips, i nodded. You smiled, leaving me go, but holding among your fingers the bed sheet that i had around the hip, making you see that part of my body that you had make bloom.”



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