“Maybe it was” short story ♠68♠

The very first time you was realizing of who had in front, and you was realizing you was setting her free from the cage in which she has been till that instant in which your hand hasn’t touched the most intimate part of her fragile body.
You have made her bloom when she has reached not one, but two  consecutive orgasms: with the first you have opened her that rusty cage, and with the second you have seen her take the flight, and she has become always more beautiful.

You have seen everything this trought her glance that was losing in your, and in her long moaning, you could feel that her broken wings were healing, and one by one, they were embracing you, and they has made you approach to me, always more, and at end we remained just one second firm one to stare another, then our lips were touched without going beyond. 

I was still flying, and it seemed that those contractions hadn’t wanted end, and i was tasting the real savor of the freedom in those four walls of that bedroom. 
You was audience, and maker at the same time of this small magic, while my heart got slower, and my wings, under form of arms have embraced you, and in a sigh i thanked you, looking at you, and for a last time, before i closed the eyes, i have smiled you.
I fell asleep free from all those chains i was chained since the very first blow of oxygen has entered in my lungs.

Just looking at me, you have realized that by your side, you had the most precious gift that the universe had given you, and slowly you taken off your clothes, for enter in bed next to me.
Delicately you settled, and  with the maximum care, you have taken me among your arms, and you have continued to craddling me with your voice.
Without realizing, your latest words put in row, were been three.

Slowly, i was awakened from a sweet sing of a single bird that was flying next to the window: i realized that i had slept so profound that i had forgot where i was.
The ceiling i was staring at wasn’t my ceiling with the mold spot, and the buzz i was hearing wasn’t the usual buzz next to the bar.

All in a stroke, the white and soft bed sheets were moved, and the human body got close to me: my heart has stopped. It was you.
Slowly i settled on back rest of bed, and everything got back in mind: those latest hours have been the most intenses i ever lived, and inside me was born a new feeling: slowly i moved away the bed sheet that covered your body: you was sleeping on the side, and you was giving me your back.
Delicately, i touched it, and at the touch i held back the breathe, because i was able to see trought your eyes the cage open, and that fallen angel with broken wings take the flight, and right after i close the eyes remembering what you had make me feel. 
Slowly, you have turned, and i could see your face: i remained to stare you sleeping. 

Those new feeling were overwhelming me much that i had to got up. 
I didn’t know where i could go, so i decided to remain in bedroom waiting for you get wake.
I taken one of bed sheets that was on bed, and i enveloped me inside, and i went to the window, where on the corner, was still that red and brownish small bird, and i remained there, as long i  felt your embrace that sweetly tightened me from behind.
I held back the breathe, and i tightened more the arms that were holding me. 
A sweet: “Good morning” has wrapped my being, and i threw away that few air i had in the lungs, for then turn me round among your arms, and our eyes met, and you have lean your lips on mine, caressing my face with both of your hands.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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