“You have tightened” – short story ♠67♠

Me among your arms, slowly we were recovering from that return, and the only thing i really need has been to hear your chest breathing, and to see it going up and down, and to feel that sweet perfum of your skin that surrounding me, while you was collecting from my clothes those few red sand grains, looking at them.

Outside was about to rain, and few raindrops were beating against the big window. 
I  fell asleep on your chest: ocassionally i sighed your name, and i agited, but delicately you tightening me more to you, and everything was passing. 

You was caressing me, and you was kiss my lips, and all in a stroke, you have thought i couldn’t sleep all night on sofa.
Delicately you have brought me upstairs, and gently you have laid me on bed.
As you have noticed, my clothes were full of that red sand, and you wanted that i could sleep well, with all your delicateness, you have take off my clothes, and when i remained naked in front of you, with wonder you have see that fallen angel inside me, with her broken wings under form of wounds, and scars on her delicate skin. 

You remained to stare me in silence, while i was sleeping with all that pain that i have brought inside me for all that long time, then you have laid next, taking off your leather jacket to put it on my body, despite you have half covered me with the bed sheets, approaching yourself to me till you have embrace me again. 

Your heart was about to explode, as flashback they has got back in your mind all my scars, and it seemed you was feeling the pain i had felt.
That night you has been my guardian angel, you have assure yourself that in my dreams i could hear your voice as a lighthouse, if i would be lost.

You have started to tell eveything what you have confessed to the big mountain since when you have threw a look to that dark point of that bar, where you have seen my silhouette, and what you was feel the very first time when our glance met, but above all, that thought, that image printed in your mind of that shirt that was flying away from my body that you had stolen trough the small window of my room.
And now it was become more precious than other thing you had see.

Delicately, you have lifted the bed sheets for let enter your hand, and you have begun to caress my legs in the more gentle way possible for fear i could feel pain, but on the contrary, that soft touch has woke me, and for an instants our gazes met, and i have smiled you, but you have sigh me: “Sleep…” and you have kissed me sweetly. 
I have closed the eyes once again, and i approached to you more: i tightened your hand under the bed sheets, and you have looked at me that little by little i fallen asleep between your words. 

You was still astonished, for the girl who you was looking at, when you have felt the hand that was tightening your was bringing it in a unexpected place, among those legs. 
For a second you have stopped, but then you have continued, and you have describe those feeling you had feel standing under that small window, and more you was continuing, more those emotions were becoming true, while my hand had brought your under my panties, and slowly they have left your hand there to feel my little contractions that welcoming  you, and little by little, you entered, leaving me without breathe, stlll with the eyes closed, and just when you have start make me feel the pleasure, i have re opened the eyes, and we stared each other for a couple of minutes in silence full of that feeling that was filling our hearts by something never felt before.
Then our breathes has begun to increase, and i approached to you, i kissed you starting to moan.”



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