The lump

In the throat has developed even in the stomach, and my thought has said me to stop what i was doing, and here i’m to write what i’m feeling

This lump is tightening me from different days, and my head, now is litteraly exploding, with my shaking fingers on this keyboard.
It will be strange, what i’m writing in this period in my story, it’s exactly what i’m feeling: i’m inside a storm of great emotions, and your closiness is tangible. 
I feel your soft embrace around my belly, and i miss the breathe, when i think again to the latest things are happened between us.
Your closiness is so close, that it enough a small shade of your gaze that it makes me move, and it’s hard to me hold back the tears. 
Despite our damned distance i feel you closer than ever. 
I throw the air from the lungs to don’t going crazy. 
I feeling me inside that storm, and that soft punch in the stomach is growing each day pass by.

We still accomplishing that journey that we have start to do five years ago, and it’s the most beautiful thing i’m doing in my life, and i’m doing with you, and you make me understand that in our own way, we are doing the same path.

Do you feel my heart that is exploding?? Your embrace is tightnening me always more.
I need to kiss your lips, to look at your eyes, and remain like this, even in silence. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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