“I threw away” – short story ♠66♠

All the air i had in my body, for then remain remain like this to stare you without breathless, and that big red mountain in front of us, was telling me all the emotions you had confessed her, each time, in your apartment, you was capable to reach it with your mind.
And the breeze had your soft and deep voice, and everything was transfomating in the most fantastic thing that we both had attended.
But something inside us, was saying that all was about to vanish, and slowly, everything was about to get back to the normality. 
We could have perceive it: for a second we were looked at each other, scared: we didn’t know what it have would be happened.

That breeze has increased, and slowly the red sand that surrounding the big valley has risen up, and it has enveloped us in two spiral one different another.
It hasn’t been a sweet embrace like when we were landed in that Burn Valley, on the contrary, it has been like awakening ourselves from a dream, falling inside an endless black hole, where each hit we would have taken, was a warning that we would got back to the reality, where everything it was harder than we wanted believe.

This time, we were enveloped by a spiral that was turning fast, and we with it: we were inside a sand storm, and  we were sucked inside, and we seemed like two spinning top.
In my mind was  going trought bad thought, and at end i have screamed your name among the deafening noise of that storm, for fear to don’t found you no longer, wherever we have would landed.

The red sand was enveloping me in everywhere, and for a moment, i thought to be splashed out from that world that i knew, as much i faster i was going: i thought to be throw in the infinite universe,  for then wander there till the end of my life: you was the only person i was thinking to in those moments, and in a second i have felt all the emotions you have made me feel, even with a simply gaze.
I was feeling chok, but i has been able to whisper your name, and my heart has begun to beat slower, despite round me, was unleashing a real storm.

I have repeated your name a couple of time, and little by little that red sand storm got calm, and i have could hear your voice. I wided the eyes, and i have whispered it again, and i have heard your voice, once again.
Slowly, something has grown in my stomach, and that sensation in which i wasn’t able to swallow, while i was close to you has grown, and now, in my mind, i was able to see you, and little by little, it were your arms what i was feeling: your arms that delicately were enveloping me in your safe embrace.
I sighed  for the last time your name, and i closed the eyes, holding back the breathe, and all in a stroke, everything has fallen in a deafening silence, and that fast vortex in which i was, has vanished. 

Everything around was firm: i had fear to open the eyes, and i had hear your voice no longer.
Some tears has fallen from my face. It seemed that even me i had stop to breath, as much i wasn’t feel not even a thread of a light breeze.
My heart has stopped, and i whispered once again the name that it has got calm me more than other things

When i held back the breathe, for that last time before to open the eyes, i felt a delicate breathe that was merging with mine, and unconsciously your name has came out from my mouth, while some lips were leaning on mine, and a finger was drying those tears that were falling.

Delicately i have open the eyes, and when i met your gaze at same time, we both have pronnounced our names, and seemed that they were merged one in another, uniting our souls always more. 
For a second, we looked at each other, without adding else, just our touches were indispensable.

 I taken your face among my hands, and i stared you straight in your eyes, then i approach myself to your forehead, and still for a second i dived me in your eyes, then your lips have kissed mine once again.
After that passionate kiss, we looked at each other, and you have said: “We got back home”. 

Without realizing, we were sit on the sofa, and sweetly you was tightening me in your arms.
Few red sand grains were remained on our clothes.
For a last time  our names were merged in the air, as our breathes.


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