“I was” – short story ♠65♠

About to explode when i have seen where we were to landed. 
I was tightened to your chest, and you was looking at me astonished more than me.
Slowly we have put the feets on the ground, and for a moment we had have to take breathe again.
We were breathless, and speechless. 
Not even you could explain how it has happened.

We were in that valley with that great mountain: our heads were about to explode at the same instants. You was trying to say me something, but what you could do was looking at you around.
We both looking at it, and it was of a such beauty that each words it would be insignificant. 
Just at end some words put in row had formated a completed setence, but even that one made me understand that even for you, everything it couldn’t be true.
You was fallen on the ground, as if something from inside has made you shake. 

Slowly, you have begun.
“My grandma believed much in the power of magic. One day she said me «you can build a place in your mind, guard it with care: you can go there each time you will have need to stay alone with your thoughts, there you will solve every your problems, there your soul will be free from each material bond you will have in life…» I  has been able to make it see to her, just days before she has passed away: i’ve trained myself much: days, weeks, years, and just few minutes she was about leave me, she said me «you will be able to make see that place only to the person you will love for real» , and now i’m here with you”

I was speechless, i wasn’t able to say not even a word, as much fantastic your story was, and slowly, you came next to me, caressing my belly for then embracing it from behind.
We were inside your imagination. 

Only feeling your sweet embrace, i have started to breathe again, and i held back the air, for then throw it away, and i just could say “Tight me”, and delicately you have turned me round, and our glance met: i have could only dive me in your glance, and found myself, again in your soul, trying to get calm me.
It was the most beautiful place i ever seen, and it was in your mind. 
Slowly a question was growing inside me, and just staring at you, i whispered it: “How much more beauty is there in your soul?”, while my eyes got wet.

I was feeling like enveloped by all your emotions, and each one were talking about me, and they resounding in that silent big burn valley, my difficulties to swallow, little by little was increasing, and just when you have put yourself in front of me, i placed my hand on your chest, making it slowly slides in your shirt, and that piece of cloth on my skin, has held me the breathe again, as much profound was that intimate moment then you have made it become more intimate, making me caress your chest and slowly you approached to me, as long our forheads touched themselves, you have sweetly kissed me, whispering: “This place talk about you, since i met you, and now that i has been capable to show it to you, it’s our place, and of nobody else.”
And while your words were filling me, the Burn Valley, seemed embrace us with all her beauty.

I was astonish yet, for everything i was seeing, and what i was hearing from your voice, was what i had waited ever.
In a sigh, i said: “We remain here forever”.
I have missed the breathe, when you have look at me straight in my eyes, and our lips touched, again.”


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