“Like in a old” – short story ♠64♠

Movie, we were still embrace, looking at the sun vanish behind the big mountain, but slowly that magic was  disappear with us inside. 
All in a stroke, everything has become dark, and for an instant i have feel your arms  surrounding me no longer. 
Maybe, i had dream everything, and i was about to fall for then wake me up all in a sudden, for don’t fall in that black hole before to open the eyes, and find myself again in my small white  room. 

I’ve tried to call your name, but something from inside it was holding me. 
I was spinning inside a vortex: everything seemed turning round fast, but maybe it was just an visual illusion.
I was turning round very slow, and what i was feeling a velvety sensation that, little by little, was caressing me taking me to somewhere, and surely i wasn’t dreaming.

Finally some sound has came form my mouth, and the last letters to which the oxigen had given air, were formating your name. 
I had call you as long my lungs has take again the necessary air to say it competely, and at end i has ben able to pronounce it entirely: i have called it a couple of times, but  just when i was about give up, i was realizing everything was been just a dream, i recognized in a feeble sound your voice.
It was very far, but it has reassured me. 
You was calling me more times, and when our voices were united again, everything it seemed us easier, and more we were calling each other, more we approach one another.

I was turning round inside that vortex, when delicately it has opening iteslf a small black hole, from which a hand has taken mine, and i recognized your soft touch: i whispered your name, and when i hear “I’m here”, i closed the eyes, and i left me guide, by what i felt, when i hear your voice close to me.
I’ve tightned more the only contact i had with you, and i was realizing that more i was turning round more your hand was closer, i could to see your hand, become part of your arm, as long your entire body has entered in that spiral where i was.

It seemed to reliving a story, already lived.
You have tightened me against you, and that vortex was taking us somewhere, far from the usual place we were got  use to frequent.
You was looking at me, while everything around was changing quickly: from the dark everything was illuminating, and we were reaching a new place where we have would could all that peace that we had always wished. 

More we approach to that place, we were welcoming by a sense of total abandonment of emotions, and more we were feel like this, more we were feel better.
We could feel our union growing inside us. 

We were feeling something came from very far, that it have would united our souls in an indissoluble way.
That journey it seemed had no end: in his own way, had acrossed all our small steps til that night in which we had given our love to who we had next.
And just at end, when the weak light has illimunated it, we were been able to see where had taken us.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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