“We were looking” – short story ♠63♠

Astonished for what we had feeling in that act, and for what we were feeling in the next seconds. 
Small little eletric shocks that were crossing our minds, and without say a words, we could feel the thoughts of who we had in front. 

In a sigh i said: “Make me see the mountain…”, and after not even a second, in front of me it was opened itself your wonderful visual of what you was watching in your mind. 

A lump has grew in my throat, and a tiny tear has fallen from the face.
What i was seeing was of a such beauty that it had left me without the breathe.
What i was looking at was a place where a massive mountain reigning on a desolate, and burnt landscape.
You hadn’t say nothing, and you have left that the mountain’s atmosphere surrounded that bedroom.

Slowly, one by one, we settled better on the back rest: the artificial lights were illuminating the room, but what we was blinding us, it wasn’t that one light, but the sunlight that was beating on that reddish topsoil. 
That magnificient visual it was accompanied by your soft voice that was telling part of your life spent alone in front of that wonderful natural monument, to which you have said thoughts never confessed to anyone.
In silence, i left you talk: i was astonished. What i was hearing, were the same thoughts that i was write on my diary: we were feeling the same feelings.
For a second we stared each other, in silence.

I held back the breathe, for then throw it away, and another tears has fallen from my face, and your hand has tightened mine. 
I closed the eyes for a second, for recover myself: i was overwhelmed by too much sensations, but when i have re opened them, another spiral has enveloped me.
I was in the bedroom no longer: i was on a hill in front of that mountain, and you was tightening me from behind, against your chest.
My heart was about to splash away from my chest. 
I was look for your hands, and i’ve tightened them more against my belly.

“It’s here i wanted to take you to. It’s a magical place.” you whispered leaning your face on my shoulder.
I didn’t understand how it has been possible, but i didn’t ask. 
That lump was growing much fast inside me, and it had closed me the throat.
Just listening to you, i was able to breathe, and your hands were my support.
Then we settled on the ground, and sweetly your arms has wrapped me, and we remained there enchanted by what we were feeling, without say nothing else.

Our breathes seemed the light breezee that was caressing our faces.
The gloaming was creating a multitude of colours that slowly were falling behind the big mountain, and our hearts were beating slow, in that atmosphere.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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