“Those latest words” – short story ♠62♠

Has remained in my head as long our lips were touching again, and right after without say nothing i made you understand all my desire to spend that night with you, and maybe there was no need: all my replies were in that touch.

You had the leather jacket yet on, and you was taking off it when you have understand that you could get relaxing, and in that gesture, his perfume has wrapped us.
It seemed a magical potion that we had to savor together. 

You was about to got up to put it next to the door, but i stopped you. 
“No, please leave it here, i love his perfume” i said. 
You have looked at me astonished, but at end, you seemed happier. 
“I love his perfume too” you replied me.
So, you have put it on the backrest of sofa and his perfume has wrapped us more, while our shyness had to be set free. 

The only thing we could feel, in those short instants, were our breathes merging one another, and what we were looking at were the two only things that we had kept well tight till now.
Your, were on your legs, on those blue jeans, and mine on my light white long skirt.
All in a sudden, all that deafening silence, has been broke by my soft voice.
“Tell me about the mountain.” 

Slowly, your eyes seemed brightening of their own light, and the mountain seemed just in front of you.
You have started to talk describing that to me with a such passion that, seemed you wasn’t next to me.

Your hand was still lay on your leg, and sweetly i taken it crossing the fingers with your: i was moving really slow. 
I didn’t know what my body was doing. 

Maybe they were your words, your voice, perhaps it was that perfume, or simply it was my desire to feel you more mine, that at end i found myself above you, with the skirt lifted till my hips, and the glance straight inside your, while our breathe has begun to go at the same rhythm, and all in a stroke, has fallen a silence full of something, that not even, the words themselves, were capable to express.
I have looked at you, waiting for your move, and it has arrived after a long minute of languid glances.
You enlongated your face toward mine and that toungues games has became more than a soft touch. 

For a second i left me go, and i laid totally on your chest, making hear my soft breathe in your ear that, little by little, was increasing.
We were about to reaching the point break, where our real desire, have would make to explode that intagible atmosphere. 
While our lips, by now, were became one only, and one was taking oxygen from another.
I was feeling your hand was go under the skirt to discover what treasure there was. 

You was about to touch what there was hid behind my panties, but you stopped; you have looked at me, and without any effort, you got up with me among the arms, and you have brought me upstair, where we could stay more comfortable.
You have lean me on bed: i was unfastening your blue shirt, you have delicately lifted me the skirt till the hips, and you have continued to do what you had interrupted: you had just moved away to a side my panties, and with delicatness you was touching just there: you could to feel small contractions inside me, while you was look at me, while i was breathless, and in meantime i was attempting to take off your pants, but what i was feeling it was stronger than me, but at end i has been capable to make slide them, and i have put my hand on what it has came out.

Each one could to feel the desire of the other that was growing: you could to feel me getting wet always more, and i feel your desire become bigger in my hand. 
We hadn’t take our glances off:  you was see my longin throught my languid eyes, and i was seeing your desire to enter inside me, but it seemed you waiting for my permission, and with soft nod i said: “Yes, do it”, and i have close the eyes.

When you have snatched my panties, i have understood you was about penetrate me, and just when i have feel your wet finger came out, i have felt you get sweetly inside me, and in those seconds our moaning are become one only.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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