Since i woke

I’m feeling your embrace from behind: our soft punch in the stomach is growing much each minute  is pass by.
My head is about to explode: it were many days that i didn’t feel you like this, close to me. 
You want say me something, while it has as soon arrived the double number on my clock 16:16, and i’m about to go crazy: you are tightening me more against you: i’m feeling it.
I have difficulties to swallow, and i didn’t feeling these emotions from long. 

My fingers are shaking on this keyboard: our minds gettng connecting
I throwing away air from the lungs, trying to get calm me, but i can’t.
I know you are try to say me something: i’m here, i don’t escape. 
Our eletrric shocks are starting.

I’m seeing those Runes around me, and everything make me going crazy
Tell me just one thing: are you feeling the same i’m feeling?
Take me in Our Parallel World, take me to see our Burn Valley.

I’m throwing away all the air i have in my body, it is choking me. 



Listen to it⇓⇓

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