“You have” – short story ♠61♠

Taken my hand, and with all the delicateness you have guided me outside the bar, with Philip and Barb who were looking at us going toward the car.

I wasn’t never come out outside from that borderline which was the bar, till that evening: i was feel a little bit disoriented: i knew only, one path, and it was that one that conducting me to my room to the bar and vice versa.

But when i entered in your black car, a new world was opening itself in front of me.
I held back the breathe, when you have closed door of my side, and you continued to stare at me trought the windscreen, smiling me. 
When you are entered, there  has been a long moment of silence, and just when you have put your hand on the manual transmission, we both held back the air, and just to your question: “Are you really ready?”, at the same instants we threw away it. 

During that short journey between the bar, and where you lived, your hand has tightened mine, and i’ve noticed, despite you was looking at straight the street, with your the corner of the eye, you was looking at each my shades, and you was astonished, how much i was admired by little things, like a normal street lamp, or the stranges cracks on the concrete, and when we entered in that dark alley, i looked at you, and without i have could open the mouth, you have asked me: “Do you see the yellownish and brownish building?” – i nodded – “It’s there, where i live, it’s not much, but i like it.” 

I hadn’t see it yet, but i replied with shyness: “It will be bigger than my small room, surely”, and i have smiled, and going back to look at those few meters to do, your mind has back in time, when you had seen that shirt was flying in the air, and my silhouette vanish among that white curtains, and for those next seconds, you have looked at me profoundly.

I was feeling a heat that it was growing inside me, and i to get calm me, i had to change the glance direction. 
In those next seconds you tightened me more my hand, and just after few, you have parked the car, just in front of a rusty gate.
Like you have made me enter in the car, you came to open the door and you have gave me your support.

In my other hand i was tightening the bag, like inside there was my whole life. I was looking at me around: it seemed that in that building you live only you, and maybe it was like this. 

It wasn’t a building builded in highness, but it seemed builded rather in length, it seemed had just one floor, and your door was just to the right of the main entrance, and  from what i have could see, by the location of the outside walls, it had to be a small apartment.

Instead when you have opened the door, it has opening in front of me one of the biggest open space i had ever seen.
What it has astonished me more has been the big window that covered an entire wall, and it made enter the light of the moon, and it was fascinating.

You was remained next to me in silence, waiting for that i was taking to breathe again.
It seemed that you was waiting for this moment for long, and you was tasting, each tiny emotion that you was capable to catch, even trought my delicate breathes.
I have done the first step inside your den, as you called it, when we were in car yet, looking at me around, while you still staring me. 
In our own way, we were fascinated, each one, by what we were looking at.

Delicately, you taken my hand, and i was waken from that dream i was living on that threshold, and astonished i looked at you, without to know where really i was, and sweetly you have said: “Let’s go to sit.” 

Holding back the breathe, i didn’t believed yet i was there, alone with you, and that silence has resounded inside me, as long i sat on that sofa.  
We weren’t on that bench of Philip bar, but it seemed that we had brought the opalescent atmosphere inside there, and we were enveloped by that great desire to stay together: even only to caress our lips.

For a long minute, we looked at each other, then you approached to me as long our lips touched, and in a whisper you have said: “Remain with me tonight…” then your lips have met mine again, and slowly i have tightened your hand as my reply.

My heart was going crazy.”


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