“Your voice” – short story ♠60♠

Has resounded in me like a sounding box, and i didn’t know what reply: i stared the only person who i had considered a real dad, and i was feeling your hand on my hip, and then my glance has placed on the other hand that delicately were tightening the other. 
I was lost in milion of thoughts.  The main one was that one to escape with you, and now there was your desire to show me that big mountain.

For the last time i have stared Philip, and slowly i turned toward you, and  for the very first time in front of Philip i whispered : “Yes…”
In that instants, Philip, and everybody clients inside the bar has been vanished, and in sigh, you said: “You will see, you will not regret about it.” To those words my hearts has begun to beat stronger, and you have taken both my hands you have crossed with your fingers.
Without say nothing we have stared them for long, while Philip, behind me, was smiling happy: even Barb has come out from the kitchen, still embaressed for what had felt in those earlier moments.

I really didn’t know what was happening: i was in a total confusion, but i knew, i had given the only right reply i wanted to give you. 
Despite that bar was become my second home, now i really wanted come out from it, and i really wanted stay alone with you, wherever you wanted to take me to.

You approached to me, and our forheads touched, and sweetly you have kissed me, then you sighed: “I will back within few minutes.” I have looked at you leaving the bar. I was feel lost. I was asking myself: “Where are you going to?”
I have believed to wakening from that dream, and everything  around exploded like a baloon fill of water, and it seemed me that all the weight of the world was falling on my shoulders, and that lightness was vanish with you. 
I looked at Philip with the same question, while my eyes were getting wet, and i have covered my mouth with one of the hand, for fear that my emotions could splashing from my body.

I was not understanding anything. Philip  remained astonished as much me, and slow shrugged, when Barb has been astonished by something outside, and she remained breathless, and she murmured something like: “Guys like this, does exist no longer”, and at end she gave a pat on Philip and everything has become a fairytale.

Just me i hadn’t noticed it, and i was staring ahead, on your green stool, holding the breathe, for then throw it away from the lungs. My head was slowly exploding. My hand was where i had left: on the counter.

Many clients were passing by behind me, and i didn’t take care when i had felt someone has stopped behind me: i thought he was about to order something to take away immediately after, but when i felt  that was touching my hand crossing the fingers with mine, i lifted me, closing the eyes, and i threw sweetly my back on the chest of someone who would have tight it with the other one.
You laid your head on my shoulder, and in the ear you whispered: “I’m back”. I looked at Philip astonished for then turned me round toward you, and Philip behind the counter, has sighed happily: “The carriage is ready…” and he has nodded me to look at outside. 

A black sport car was parked in front of the bar. 
You have looked at me, and: “I didn’t wanted you got tired”. 
Slowly our forehead touched again, and our lips carressed, while Philip was giving orders to Barb to collect my bag from my table, and to brought at the counter. 
A shiver has crossed along my back, and when all my stuff has been arrived, the moment to leave the bar has came. 

“Are you ready?” a soft voice asked, while their fingers were caressing my hand. 
I held back the breathe, for then throw it away, and turning me round, i looked at straight your eyes, and i tightened more the hand. I hasn’t been to say a simple: “Yes”, but i just tightened your hand, closing the eyes.

My heart was splashing out from my chest.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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