“It seemed” – short story ♠59♠

Has been passed an eternity from that kiss, when you have asked me: “Are you sure?”
My heart has splashed out from my chest at the sound of your voice, and your hand was tightening mine delicately strong.
I simply said: “Yes” meeting your eyes, and you have smiled me, kissing me the forehead.

That evening seemed the longest evening ever. 
The clients were entering and coming out from the bar, everything seemed doesn’t touch us minimaly: seemed that evening, that place, that bench were created only for us.
The buzz that was creating around was increasing, and slowly it was wakening us: we seemed two caterpillar that were coming out from their cocoons to become two beautiful butterflies, ready to take the flight.

Slow movements, and sweet glances, and i settled better on the bench, and the last gaze on our fingers still crossed, and you have asked: “Are you ready?”
I knew, it’s was time to got up. 

That magical atmosphere was about to explode for then vanish, and aftter few instants, we would get back in that real world in which we have met. 
You got  up, and you have put in front of me stretching the hand. 
I looked at you for a second that in my my mind it has lasted an entire life: just in those instants i had realized everything what has happened. 
I looked at you widing the eyes, and enlogating my hand toward your i was realizing that i was enter in a total different dimension of that world that till now i had called real world.

When our skin touched again, my heart has splashed out from the chest, and with a such difficulty i have held back the tears. I have stared those two hands, and little by little i lifted my face toward your, and you was sweetly smiling: you could wait for all the time was been necessary, and when i got up in front of you, you held back the breathe, and in a sigh you have said: “Let’s enter”. 

That evening slowly, the bar was filling, and Barb was still alone behind the counter, when she has noticed us that were about to enter, one close to another.
Philip was still in that hid corner, and he was got up too to get back to help Barb: getting back at the counter he was drying  a tiny tear: he has been the only one who had noticed the we were tightening the hands.
Barb had noticed that his chief had wet eyes, and she was asking herself why, but when he got back behind the counter Philip has sighed her: “Look at their hands.”
She was so busy to serve the clients who hadn’t noticed that small particular, that instead, was meaning so much.

It seemed was entered a beam of sun involving everybody inside, and everything has starting to goes slow. 
Since when we entered, Philip hasn’t take off his eyes on our hands, and it seemed he was about to still be moved again.
When we arrived in front of the counter, i have stared Philip astonish, while i was biting my lips: you was behind me who delicately was tightening me the hips, and then our eyes met again, and without say nothing, you have lifted me, with all delicateness, and you have helped me to sit on your green stool, while you was still behind me, making me by shield, then your voice has entered inside me, asking me if i wanted something: i have closed the eyes, holding back the breathe, hoping you could not hear me, while you was ordering something.    
I had need of another big glass of mineral water; Barb knew it, and without say nothing, she has put it in front of me. 

I had to come out from this atmosphere yet, and everything seemed me so unreal, but it has been still magic when i hear your voice say: “Philip can i present you Daria, the girl who has changed my life forever?” 
And slowly, from behind, your fingers has reached mine on the counter, and delicately they crossed each other, and for an instant, my heart has stopped. 

I have shared a shy glance with Barb, and she has become all red for me, and then she went away in the kitchen, but i noticed that she has hid herself behind the door: she was remined fascinated by your gentleness toward me, and your gesture had trapped her. She wanted see how it was ending, without blushing in front of us.

Now my only desire was to stay alone with you, while i was staring your fingers sweetly crossed with mine, and i had fear to moved them for then wake me from the most beautiful dream i was doing.
While i was thinking to this, Philip was looking at me, while you was behind me yet, and delicately, you have asked me: “Do you want come to me?” I has been woke by this porposal, and i have stared with wide eye Philip.
He slowly nodded.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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