“You was looking” – short story ♠58♠

At me, silently.
For a moment, even you have closed the eyes: you was embracing who had fascinated you from the first time you entered in that bar.
In that embrace you was feeling all my fragility, and you wanted be my shield.

Delicately, you threw away the air from the lungs, remembering that soft touch on your lips, and uncosciously you have tightened more those fingers, for fear that instant it would going lost, but just few seconds, i has been me who held your hand, and i lifted again the face toward you.
I held back the air, and i dived myself inside your glance.
In a sweet whisper, you asked: “Is it everything ok?”
“I never been so well like in this moment” i replied.
You have smiled me, and you have tightened me more against you.

Inside me i was repeating “Where was you been till now?”
I taken your hand for studying it in all the minimum particulars, and without make resistance, you have have left me do it.  

You had invisible scars on it: i have caressed them passing my finger over them. It seemed i wanted delete them.
“They are scars of the past,  you are healing me…”
Those latest words has been a vortex in which i has been overwhelmed, and i lifted the face toward you, while you was looking at your hand, and really slow, i approached to you, and once again our lips were touching. 

At first, you remained speechless, but sweetly you have starting to give me a real kiss of a such delicateness, that  we have thought to think to take the flight.
Sweet little touches, and our toungues were meeting for the very first times: even them were shy, but when they touching, immediately they escaping away for then get back and touching again.

We didn’t care if we were on a public bench, that kiss maybe, had waited too much, and in those instants, we were isolating  from the entire world. 
We could have feel all the lightness that was running inside, and little by little, we could hear our hearts beating at unison.

We hadn’t know how long has lasted it, but it has enough lasted for break us away, and look at each other breathless, and i taken again your hand, looking at it for a short instant, then our gazes werer meeting again.

Slowly i leaned on your chest and i said you: “Take me to see the mountain”, then i have could hear you held back the breathe, for then throw it away, and i figured out you looking at ahead however without see anything.

Everything around that bench has become a soft opalescent light, and we were feel being part of it, and our beings were merging one with another, making short and delicate breathes expading what we were feeling.
We remained like this, without say nothing, as long the evening has arrived

From inside, Philip had left the bar in the expert hands of Barb: he settled in the smallest, and hid corner, and as an gaurdian angel had attended to that beautiful love that slowly was blooming among those two souls who were looking for each other from too much time, and he has dried a fallen tear from his big face, when they kissed delicately the second time”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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