“I had the eyes” – short story ♠57♠

Closed, and i was enveloped by your breathe, and by the soft perfume of your leather jacket, while your arm tightnening me strong against you.
“If i’m dreaming, please don’t wake me up” i was saying to myself.
Ocassionally i was open the eyes, and everything this was still real.
Your fingers seemed tightening my hand more, but it was an impression: they were so gentle on my skin.
And your words were caressing my soul. I was looking at foward, but i was realizing always more, that you was embracing me, and i have could hear your breath merging with mine.

Now, it have could fallen the whole world, but nothing could have touched us. 
You was telling me about a big valley where a great mountain was reign, and  occasionally you went there to reflect: “It is of a such beauty: many times i found myself, just looking at it, but after have meet you, everything is changed.” 
Your voice was soft, and calm, and more i was listening to it, more i was fascinated by her, and it was taking me in a place where the magic making the owner. 

You was embracing me delicately, but at same time, as if you wanted protect me by everything evil, and the sweet perfume of your leather jacket, was making everything such sensual.
After i leaned completely on you, we had shared a glance no longer, but we both, knew that we were thinking to us: at that moment, and your words were the perfection, and delicately our fingers were tightening delicately more to sanctioning this our silent union.

There were short instants of silence, but we could have feel what we wanted say throught our hearts.
Sometime, we held back the breath, and at same instants we threw away the air, sweetly, from the lungs.
If it was been possible, we would remained on that bench for the rest of the life, and we would have immortalized that instant without add nothing else. 

My glance has leaned on your legs, where our hands were touching, but slowly it was lifting, and my face was moving away from you chest; my desire to meet your eyes, was greater than other floating thing that was surrounding that bench.
Slowly, you have started to look what i was delicately doing, and at end our glance met.
Your voice was taking me in that big valley, but all in a stroke, you have stopped, and our breathes were merged one with another. 

In those seconds, everything what we wanted say, it has transformed in a slow approach, as long our faces delicately, has touched each other, and our lips were gently touched themselves.

It hasn’t been a real kiss, but just a soft caress among our lips, and that was enough, but that we would have wanted make to last over, over and again.
Our forehead were still sweetly attached one another, and our eyes were straight inside one another. 
We remained in silence, like this, while our fingers were tightening more, and they were expressing what we had feel in that soft touch, and in our glance there was still that desire, but we have resisted to the temptation of another soft touch.

We held back the breathe, for then throw it away at the same time. 
We looked at each other for a long instant, then we got back to stare ahead, you with your arm around my shoulder, our fingers crossed one another, and that perfume of your leather jacket that enveloping everything, while our heart were beating slow.”



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