“Despite” – short story ♠56♠

The fresh air, i was breathless: those two eyes had pierced my soul, and fortunately that Philip had left that bench outside.
I had brought with me, your sheets of paper inside the bag: i didn’t wanted admit not even to myself: but they were the closest thing to you that i could have, beyond my diary.

Surround me it was re-creating an atmosphere, similar to that one that i had left few hours ago, and that air it was becoming harder to breathe, and my heart was beating always stronger.

There were inhabitants who were walking fast behind me, and their voices were becoming something annoying.
When, all in a stroke, everything, even the most defeaning noise vanished.
I have been able to isolate myself: the few peoples who were walking on that sidewalk were talking, but for me, they just moving their mouth without producing any sound.
I was able just feel my blood running fast inside my veins.

I have closed the eyes, and everything around was slowly vanishing, and little by little, i got calm, and in my mind were resurfacing the three rune that we had in common, when someone else has been capable to enter in that one my sphere, in which i was wandering freely with all my thoughts, and emotions. 
Immediately, i have wide the eyes: i had recognized the breathe, and i have starting to look down, as if i could hid me from you.

We were enter in another dimension: despite that day, outside the bar there were many people, we were inside an invisible bell.
As the first time, before to talk, you had to wait for several minutes: you have realizing that i was breathless, and before to breath again, i had need of some seconds, and i had need of that one damned glass of mineral water. 
Philip knew that, and he had prepared it: you had it in hand, and gently you have placed it on the bench.

I realized of all that, and i turned the face toward the glass: slowly i taken it, and between me and me i thanked Philip. I have looked at the hand that was leaving it, and i threw away all the air from the lungs, and i drunk some long sips, as long my throat has been well hydrated, and i could feel the blood, once again flowing fast in my veins, and i have could feel new oxygen enter inside my body. 
I leaned the glass where you had placed it, half empty, and then i looked at foward, and the only breathes i have could hear were only ours.
Then, i realized that you kneeled, and if i was turned i would have met your eyes, thing that i hadn’t wanted do it, in those instants, but in those moment your breathe was enveloped me delicately, and when you have started talk, my heart has splashed out from my chest. I had to close the eyes, making short breathes.

“I know a place where i would like to take you to.”
Slowly you sat next to me: i had still the eyes closed, but i realized that, because i have could feel your hand delicately touch mine laid on the bench, and i realizing your eyes were set on me.
Slowly i have opened them, looking at my legs, little by little i have turned the gaze toward you, and while i was lifting the eyes, i held back the air, and just when at end they met, i threw it away delicately.

We remained in silence for a bit, while the eyes peered our souls, while your hand was approaching mine always more, and at end they even, has touched each other, and i have left you to take it, and sweetly your fingers has crossed with mine.
I looked at you with wide eyes, but it was what i wanted. 

You was looking at me astonished: we smiled at each other.
Slowly, you approached to me more, and sweetly, you have put your arm around my shoulder, crossing the fingers with my hand with the other one. 

Sweetly, i completely leaned to you, putting my free hand on your leg, starting to hear your heart beat, and after a sweet caress, i lifted my face toward you, for then to look at ahead, and you have continued to talk sweetly.”



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