“You was” – short short ♠55♠

Lay on bed staring the ceiling, waiting for the time passing by taking the only skectch you had kept. 
You had give your whole life in hand to Philip, hoping he had gave that roll to me.

That morning that cold air had chilled your blood, and the only thing it could heating you, it was look at my profile, figuring my breathe that was wrapping you, and in that only sheet of paper you had drawn even those small three symbols continuosly. 
It seemed that the universe was saying you, what you have would want say me from long, and in particular you have drawn Laguz: the rune of the unconscious, of dreams.

You was reliving that small instant behind the bench, when delicately you had place your hand on my shoulder, and little by little, i had leaned my head on your arm, and that phrase you had said me was hammering inside your chest, making beat strong your heart.
Closing the eyes, you was figuring how it would been if you would remained, but more you tried, more you wasn’t able to. 
You held back the breathe, and slowly you threw it away. 
To rest, was impossible: you had the mind full of emotions that were running fast, and more you was thinking to the roll, more you was thinking to my reaction, and that slow hurry was growing in your body. 

You had confessed part what you was feel toward me to Philip, and now you could express those hidden emotions that you had, till now kept only for you.
You was looking at sketch, that by now, you had learnt by heart, but all in a stroke, everything all that was useless: you got up, and you had to got back in that bar.
“Daria wait for me!” You was shaking yourself, from that sensation that was caging you, waiting for something that it would been not arrived, if you was remained there.

You don’t how many times you have repeated that last phrase, dressing you. 
You was about to go out, and slowly you are turned looking at the apartment, as if it was the last time of that part of your life.
You was going toward your future. 
You have closed the door throwing away the air from the lungs: you throwing yourself toward something that it have would changed your life definitely, and once again you have whispered my name.

Walking on that only sidewalk, interrupted by an only small alley next to the Philip bar building, you was thinking how to behave in the case i was at my table, but as soon  you entered in, you have understood i wasn’t there, but of one thing you has be reassured: i had receveid that roll.

You sat on your usual stool, and you have threw away the air from the nostrils, while Philip was serving you, staring you.
“Guys, what atmosphere, you had left around” Philip said you, looking for to distract you from the thoughts were spinning in your head, and Philip knew which they were.
He has spoken for several seconds, then he has seen that he was received not even a reaction to a funny joke, he got back to look at you seriously, and he said you: “You are doing the right steps,  you have, immediately catched her attention, and whe she has found your roll on her table, she has remained speechless for a bit.”
You was listening to him with careful, but you had just one question in mind, Philip knew it, but before, he had to serve another client, and when he got back to you, smiling said: “It always happens, when Barb is in pause!”, but seemed you hadn’t hear him: you was thinking what he had said you just few seconds earlier.

Philip have noticed it, and he looked at you, lost in your thought, but you seemed had take live again, when he has looked at you in serious way. He held back the breathe for then throw it away, and he has started to speak about my reactions, once again.
“She has pull out one sheet of paper: she has looked at it for a bit. From where i was i noticed she blushed much, and had wide the eyes. Seemed, she really astonished. I had get prepared her usual breakfast, but she hasn’t touched it. She has made me understand that she wanted stay alone with what you had left, and sincerely, i understood her: this is not the right place to enter in a sphere so intimate, like that one, you both had created.
She has left the bar after she has seen that sheet of paper” he said looking at straight in your eyes.

There was a moment of silence, where your thoughts, and those of Philip were met.
When Barb got back from her pause, she was putting her apron on when she stopped, with her hands behind the back and she threw a look at Philip who immediately, has looked at the entrance, for then looking at you astonished.
You have lifted the glance, and slowly you have turned it toward the main door, to look at who had stopped at the threshold to look at who were inside.

We remained breathless: the lump in throat has grown immediately after our eyes met.
For a second i looked at down, then i decided to turn me round, and i go to sit at the bench: i knew to find you there, but when i met your eyes, i thought to don’t make it, and slowly i sat on that bench. 
For a long minute, i thought to die. I have closed the eyes.
Then a whisper.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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