“Even if” – short story ♠54♠

I didn’t wanted get back in my room to see what you had drawn, and written, my greatest desire was to knock to your door to look at straight into your eyes, and kiss you.
I had to  taken the shortest way to get back in that small room, that was become, by now, my apartment, since when i  stopped in front to the Philip bar.

As soon entered in, i realized that i hadn’t have breakfast: “But who has hungry?” i asked myself, throwing my bag on the little chair. 
In hand, i had still the roll of sheets of paper: seemed that i had forgot the greatest emotion of when, delicately, i touched that little leather strap with my name on. 
I threw away all the air from the lungs, when i lay on matress, and really slow, i have put all those sheets of paper around me.
I looked at them one by one, and my heart has crazy, when i discovered that wasn’t one only sketch of that one profile, but there were other two, more or less similar, but with some added particulars, or absent. 
I figured out which one has been drawn for first, for second, and for the last one, and immediately after, i have noticed other two symbols to the corner of the sketches: i have covered me the mouth with the hand. 
I made fallen the sketches on the floor. I didn’t wanted believed it.

Collecting, again those sheets of paper, one by one, i sighed: “So you know them too?” 
I looked at how did you had drawn them, and i remained astonished, because on each sheet of paper of that sketch of my profile, there were the same little symbol of the Rune reading, i had done few hours earlier: Berkana, Laguz, and Dagaz.
Despite the small window was opened, i was breathless: i was entering in another dimension where little fairies, and goblin were accompanied me in a place where my dreams came true, but this wasn’t a dream, this were two persons who, already, were communicating in their own way, and this was the second big step, that they had done together, even if uncosciously. 

I wanted really escape inside my magic world, but what i was looking at was another little sign that was added to the others. 
I got calm again, and for a second i threw a look to my little leather bag with my Runes.

That day, i would be remained in the room. For a second i got back to the reality: Philip! The breakfast! 
I knew that he had, already, got prepared it before i was go down: i had to call him, at least to say him i was ok. 
When i left the bar, i have realized that i had the head out from world, and i had murmured something incomprehensible, even to myself.

I was feel really a foolish. I got up from the bed, and i went to the desk, where there was the phone. I was about to call the bar, when i threw a glance outside to the window, and i seen Philip sat on that bench, and he occasionally, threw a look toward my small window. 
Who know from when he was there.
He was taking care about me much: that gesture has moved me, and finally when our glances meeting, i smiled him reassured him i was ok, and his face seemed getting relax, and with all his gentleness he said me that he had left the breakfast behind my door.
He has been the first to understand that day was better i would have pass it in my room with all my emotions, and with all what you had to say me trough those sheets of papers. 
I looked at him, and without say nothing, but just with a sweet glance i thanked him, and at end he said: “Call me if you have need something.” I just lifted up the thumb. A lump in throat has grown, while i went to take my breakfast bag, and then i laid it on the desk.

In my stomach there was still that brick, but it was always a pleasure to know that something to eat was waiting for you, and it was morever, the Philip’s breakfast! I smiled to the white paper bag, but now, i was focused on the sheets of paper that i had left scattered on bed, and making attention to don’t crease them, i settled again among them, looking at one by one.

Delicately i taken another one, and i’ve seen what there was on: a doodle with our name in the middle, with other words in row that seemed little poems left unfinished, but those phrase, like this, seemed suggest me the missing sentence, and without effort i sighed it, figuring when you have thought it.

Passing to another one, i held back the breathe, for then throw it away.”



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